Modern Football Is Rubbish: Brentford Are Selling Tickets For Southampton’s Europa League Game Against FC Midtjylland

Chris Wright

18th, August 2015



In yet more ‘modern football is rubbish’ news, fans looking to get their hands on tickets for Southampton’s upcoming Europa League qualifier against FC Midtjylland will be able to do so from a really rather depressing source.

Southampton are due to play the Danish side at St Mary’s on Thursday evening and tickets are available through the Saints, their opponents and, of course, through the Brentford FC website and ticket office…

“@BrentfordFC have today opened for ticket sale for #bees fans to our @EuropaLeague in @SouthamptonFC”

This is because Midtjylland’s majority shareholder just so happens to be Brentford chairman Matthew Benham, the chap responsible for implementing the similarly depressing analytics-based ‘moneyball’ system the Bees use to source new players on the cheap, etc.

We know deep down that this really shouldn’t be an issue for us, but we just die a little inside every time we see such a simple, honest game polluted, convoluted and/or sanitised further by money men, scheisters and/or bullshit-merchants.


It’s our problem. We’re stuck in the footballing dark ages and trying to deal with it the best we can.

On the other hand, if you’re really into statistical algorithms and mathematical modelling in sport and then give this a watch. It’s riveting stuff (if you’re into that kind of thing)…

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  1. Jake Smith says:

    Sorry, I’m not sure the point of the article? What’s your point, a sister club encouraging fans to watch a game of football, Brentford often has Danish fans come to their home games, what’s the problem?

  2. Ed says:

    I agree with Jake.

    “we just die a little inside every time we see such a simple, honest game polluted, convoluted and/or sanitised further”

    So judging by this statement, you’d rather football go back to the days where pitches were effectively fields, footballers got pissed after every game, and every game was a free for all, where each player hacked the other until they couldn’t stand, knowing full well they wouldn’t receive a card. On top of that there was hooliganism, no families or females went, racism was ignored.

    You are indeed stuck in the dark ages.

  3. Jake Smith says:

    No, still none the wiser to the point of the article. Keep up the good work!

  4. Tom says:

    “Honest game polluted” LOL. Life long fans buys a League 2 club about to go bust and takes them to the verge of the Premier League. Oh for the good days of ‘arry Redknapp and his boys spending millions they don’t have and destroying clubs. Play up Pompey!

  5. Steve says:

    A much more interesting story would be about how Brentford didn’t manage to prepare a pitch for the start of the season

    • steve b says:

      to steve who said that brentford couldnt lay a decent pitch..brentford fc are a football club and as such have to rely on outside contractors to do pitch laying . the contractors are now relaying the pitch and in so doing the club postponed our last home match against birmingham . That shows how much brentford are committed to ensure quality football can be played at griffin park.

  6. Stromsgodsett Under 5's says:

    I’ll tell you what’s wrong with Modern Football. No nowt bloggers without a scoobie doo slagging off my club.

  7. Kingsland101 says:

    Chris, seriously though, as a Saints fan I think this is a good thing. Minimal away tickets sold, so may as well bulk the numbers up for a proper atmosphere. Fans get a good day on the cheap with a load of Danes, why not?

  8. Robbie says:

    One of the most stupidest articles I have ever read. This guy must be a QPR/Fulham fan.

  9. ian gorman says:

    Yep they are are sister club so cant see a problem hands across the north sea to our danish brothers and sisters

  10. paul says:

    Mathew benham chairman???? Get ya facts right!

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