Poll: Will Landon Donovan flop in Europe again?

Ollie Irish

10th, December 2009



HIT: Donovan has been in terrific form in MLS

LANDON DONOVAN has yet to convince the majority of fans outside of the States that he is a top-class player. Sure, he’s been brilliant for LA Galaxy of late (this MLS season especially), and he’s the US national team’s leading scorer of all time, an impressive feat given that he’s not an out-and-out centre-forward.

However, Landycakes made little impact in his spells at Bayer Leverkusen and then Bayern Munich. In his defence, he was just a kid when he went to Bayer, and the recent stint at Bayern never seemed like a good idea. Landycakes won’t be going back to Germany for a third time. He’s done with the Bundesliga, no doubt.


MISS: Donovan’s club career in Europe has been a failure

Everton seems like a much better fit for Donovan to make his mark in top-flight European football, though if only because of the common language and the potential mentorship of compatriot Tim Howard, who is battle-hardened in England.

The mooted loan spell at Goodison makes sense for Everton, whose squad is down to the bare bones.

For Donovan, it’s a much riskier career move, but one that I don’t think he can afford to resist if the critics are to be silenced. In terms of next summer’s World Cup, Donovan has nothing to prove and everything to lose – one horror tackle (more likely in the Prem than in MLS) and he could miss out on South Africa. Surely it’s better if he recharges his batteries over the winter? Some coaches would disagree, saying that a player must do what he can to remain match-fit, but I wonder what Bob Bradley, the USA’s head coach, makes of the Everton possibility.

Ultimately, a player can’t worry too much about the future. Thinking about the World Cup whilst you are trying to compete in the Premier League is a recipe for failure. Nothing less than 100 per cent commitment is acceptable. David Moyes will make that very clear to Donovan, if he gets the chance.

Donovan has the experience and quality to thrive in the Premier League, and I’m sure he’s desperate to prove that he’s not as travel sick as some fans suspect.

If Donovan does go to Everton, how do you think he would fare? Vote below/leave comment.

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  1. PDX Timbers says:

    He’ll do fine, especially id he actually gets to start instead of sitting on the bench.

  2. kaya says:

    Go Landycakes, go.

  3. kritter says:

    I think he’ll make a splash early, simply because of his work rate, and then his novelty will wear off (simply because the 412th best player in the world can’t be a team’s saviour) and he’ll sort of fade out. He’ll make some starts, then be an ‘impact sub’ and then be found on the bench, where he belongs.

  4. syndex says:

    I think he will do ok for no better reason than he has a good infrastructure (howard, arnoux, pettalin) an he can’t be nearly as aimless and pants as jo

  5. Hirsty says:

    Easily one of the most over-rated players of all time.

  6. chris says:

    You really think a horror tackle is more likely in the EPL than in MLS? At least the defenders in the EPL know how to tackle properly and the referees at least know what a foul looks like.

    There are some players in MLS who make Paul Scholes look like a master at tackling, and don’t get me started on the the officiating…

  7. Gregor says:

    I think it’s clear that he’ll do well, but I don’t see him patching up Everton given the defensive weaknesses. Calling him one of the most over-rated players is ridiculous considering he isn’t even that well known of a player.

  8. Fernando says:

    Landon Donovan will do as good as his team mates respect him, If Landon reputation sore somebody on the team he could have troubles….

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