Romelu Lukaku Had To Be Told He’d Scored The Winner Against West Ham After Being Knocked Unconscious In The Process

Chris Wright

23rd, September 2013


By Chris Wright

After being unable to play against parent club Chelsea in what should have been his first game for Everton last weekend, Romelu Lukaku popped up to score the winning goal in the 85th minute as The Toffees beat West Ham 2-3 at Upton Park on Saturday – which, theoretically at least, should’ve made his debut rather memorable for the Belgian striker.

Unfortunately, Lukaku was temporarily knocked out stone-cold wappo in the act of nudging his header over the line, and when he came to again the poor lamb had no recollection of netting the winner on his maiden outing for his new side.

When asked what he remembered after the game, Lukaku replied:

“Nothing. I didn’t even know that I’d scored. That was the first thing that I asked. I don’t remember anything, I had the knock and then I didn’t remember what happened.”

 The first thing I asked — I said to the doctor, ‘Who scored?’ and he said ‘You.'”

There’s definitely worse news to come around to, like a surprise limb amputation or being the sole survivor of a nuclear apocalypse, etc, etc.