Romelu Lukaku Is Not Especially Gifted In The Freestyle Football Department (Video)

Chris Wright

8th, November 2013

By Chris Wright

Romelu Lukaku is very good at many things: bustling his markers, stampeding powerfully past defenders, scoring whilst not being in full control of his mental faculties, etc – but it would appear that freestyle frippery just isn’t the big Belgian striker’s thing – especially if this video is anything to go by.

Far be if from us to chortle at a man with five Premier League goals to his name already this season, but we’re of the mind that – on this evidence – Lukaku may just have the worst freestyle chops of any professional footballer we’ve ever seen attempt it.

In fact, this is kind of what Pies’ freestyle highlight reel would look like and that can’t be a good sign…

Of course, not that being able to orbit your foot around a kick-up three times is in any way indicative of one’s actual footballing ability…but, c’mon, you can’t argue that that’s still pretty ropey for a pro!

If Lukaku needs a few pointers, he could do worse than giving this German kid at the market in Tübingen a look…

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