Everton Take Legal Action Over Name Of Local Farm Shop Based In Yorkshire Village Of Everton

Chris Wright

11th, December 2015



Photo: Scott Merrylees

It’s been revealed that Everton have taken legal action against a small Yorkshire farm shop over the use of its name – even though it is located in a village called…Everton.

The Everton Farm Shop in Doncaster is run by owner Daniela Troop, 46, who recently received a letter from the Premier League club’s legal department objecting to her attempt to trademark the name.

Despite the rural settlement being so old that it appears in the Domesday Book, the Toffees took issue with Troop using the word ‘Everton’ so prominently in her new shop logo.

She told the Sheffield Star:

When I was told about the objection, I cried. It was so upsetting, and actually quite scary, to be up against such a wealthy club.

The Troop family has farmed Everton land for generations – we are very proud of our village and its name.

The name Everton, in terms of our village, is derived from Anglo Saxon and translates as Wild Boar Farm.

In the interest of further historical context, the Troop family have reportedly farmed the land in and around Everton since 1440. Everton FC were founded in 1878.

Apparently he club have graciously offered Mrs Troop a settlement whereby she will be free to continue trading as the Everton Farm Shop so long as no extra emphasis is placed on the village name in here new sign. As such, all the letters will have to be the same size and font.

Daniela has yet to accept Everton’s offer, but has invited the club’s executives, players, coaches and lawyers round for a special Yule boar roast.

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  1. usrick says:

    Reading carefully it appears Everton FC is NOT seeking to keep the farm from using the name ‘Everton’ but rather seeking to keep the farm from trademarking the name – much less damaging to the farm and much more reasonable by the football club than the article suggests.

  2. Gazz says:

    olympiacos should sue the Olympics

  3. Gazz says:

    And Hamburg SV should sue Ronald McDonald over his use of the “hamburger”

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