Bosnian Bloke Picks Everton As English Team Of Choice After Emailing All 92 Clubs And Waiting For Their Replies

Chris Wright

7th, July 2016

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Your captain, Mo Besic, welcomes you aboard

Allow us, if you will, to furnish you with the tale of Bosnian football fanatic Aldin Karabeg who, in his desperate search for an English team to adopt as his own, simply emailed all 92 league clubs and waited for their response.

In the end, Aldin received but 10 replies, with Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Crystal Palace, Southampton, Stoke City, Ipswich, Cambridge United and Barnet all piping up to thank him for his interest.

However, it was Everton who went above and beyond in the quest to win Aldin’s affections, plying him with a 522-word, itemised response which outlined exactly why he should become a Toffees fan.

They also chucked in a video message from fellow countryman Muhamed Besic, in which the midfielder personally congratulated Aldin on his choice.

The messages translates thus:

Hey Aldin, I just wanted to say hi and tell you that I’m very glad that you’re an Everton supporter now.

I hope that, if God may allow, I will see you on Goodison Park to see you support us.

Once again, congratulations for your choice, and that’s all.

Everton then even went and posted a statement on their official website to confirm Aldin’s choice in a special article titled ‘Adlin Becomes A Blue’.

The article featured a quote from the man himself, which seemed to confirm his status as the club’s newest Bosnian fan:

I’ll be glad and proud to consider myself an Everton fan in the future.

Hopefully, as Muhamed said, one day I’ll be able to visit Goodison Park and cheer the squad myself.

Fantastic, and kudos to Everton for getting this whole ‘fan interaction’ thing spot on once again.

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  1. Jeremia says:

    Oh yes, a question I’ve wrestled with quite a lot myself back in the day, before I decided that my stance of ‘having a lot of clubs I quite like and some I rather dislike’ is fairly healthy. I recall I was quite fond of Ipswich, but decided not to ‘marry’ into them, since I couldn’t use them in most FIFA games at the time. Rightly so, as it turns out, seems they’re a footballing equivalent to those bastards who, on serious technical self-help forums, respond to questions with ‘google it’.

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