Let’s Hear It (Again) For… Gareth Barry, The Third Man To Join The Premier League 600 Club

Chris Wright

17th, September 2016

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Congratulations are most definitely due to Gareth Barry today on the occasion of his 600th Premier League appearance. A truly outstanding feat, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Only two players, Frank Lampard (609) and Ryan Giggs (632), have gone beyond the 600 barrier and it’s perfectly probable Barry may end up surpassing both by the end of the season.

It’s a triumph for dependable Steady Eddies everywhere!

Fittingly, Barry scored a goal and put in a ‘Man of the Match’ performance (sentimentality may have played a part there) in his 600th game as Everton sounded beat Middlesbrough by three goals to one.

As we said when we last heralded his longevity, Barry is simply a very good, very English midfielder – the kind you’d only probably fully appreciate if you played alongside.

While we accept that it’s hard for fans to get overly excited about good positioning, tactical discipline, consistency, experienced nous, composure and the reading and nullifying of opponents, Mr 600 is always that reliable roadblock in the middle of the pitch.

Long may he reign!

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1 Comment

  1. Holland1945 says:

    It is true that until he plays for your club, you don’t appreciate just how insanely good and consistent he is. Every manager he’s played for loved him, and City, Villa and Everton fans will only have good things to say.

    It’s remarkable that at the age of 35 he’s still so fit and playing to such a high level.

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