Reports: Phil Neville And Ryan Giggs Wish To Be Considered For Everton Managerial Vacancy Despite Not Really Being Managers

Chris Wright

24th, October 2017

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Phil Neville is reportedly interested in stepping into the vacant managerial vortex at Everton, following Ronald Koeman’s departure on Monday.

We suspect Neville is interested in the same way Pies would like to discover an envelope stuffed with folding money on our doormat every morning, but let’s press on…

Any road up, BBC Sport are reporting that Nev the Younger is keen to take over from Koeman after previously applying for the Toffees job when David Moyes departed the club in 2013.

He spent eight years at Goodison as a player but, thus far, his only experience to date is a largely underwhelming stint as assistant manager at Valencia in 2015, a job he landed through his connection to the club’s owner, Peter Lim.

In a similar vein, Ryan Giggs has also injecting himself into the frame via his mutual beneficiaries at Sky Sports, who did him a solid last night by plastering his none-too-subtle CV submission across their rolling news feed.

Of course, neither Giggs nor Neville are proven in any distinguishable managerial capacity though both feel perfectly entitled to bypass the difficult bit and simply drop in at the very top. They’re not managers, at least not yet, but still they feel qualified to take on top-tier responsibilities. Sure, you have to start somewhere – but these guys haven’t started at all. That’s the issue.

Surely Everton warrant a higher calibre of candidate?

The most depressing realisation is that, if these utterly inexperienced ex-pros just keep at it – relentlessly pitching themselves each and every time a Premier League vacancy appears, it’s probably only a matter of time before they’ll land a job somewhere.

Toffees fans must be praying on Thomas Tuchel.

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