‘I Couldn’t Care Less What He Says’ – Everton Caretaker David Unsworth Gives Joey Barton’s Crass Weight Jibes The Merit They Deserve

Chris Wright

30th, October 2017


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Everton caretaker manager David Unsworth has reacted to Joey Barton’s recent jibes about his fitness – both for purpose and bodily – by refusing to take any notice whatsoever.

Barton delivered a couple of little barbs in Unsworth’s direction while discussing on TalkSPORT the Toffees’ ongoing hunt for a new permanent boss.

He’s chirping himself up for the job. He’s saying ‘I’m the man and I can take Everton on’.

He’s not. It’s a fraudulent claim. He’s not ready. He hasn’t gone and worked down the levels yet.

The former Burnley midfielder also called Unsworth a “glorified PE teacher who shouldn’t be in charge of a men’s team” before continuing:

He is not good enough to manage Everton at this moment in time.

If he goes away, works down the levels, proves he deserves an opportunity – look, I’m not saying don’t give him the job because he’s overweight…

At that point, Barton was chastised by host Jim White for bringing Unsworth’s appearance into the equation, only for Barton to swat back on Twitter.

All depressingly adolescent, isn’t it?

Anyway, Barton’s jibes were put to Unsworth at his press conference on Monday and, rather pleasingly, the Everton coach gave them the precise amount of attention and discourse they merited:

It’s not a problem what Joey Barton says – I couldn’t care less.

No further questions.

Having been forced into quasi-retirement by a lengthy gambling-related ban, Barton has quickly wormed his way into the ‘MASSIVE OPINIONS’ media set and, unfortunately, he’s likely to do a roaring trade, given his propensity for bog-standard gobbing off without any form of prior research or insight.

Thanks to the incessant need to drum up page impressions and provoke ‘interaction’ from the audience, he who howls loudest generally lands a tabloid column and regular radio/television work these days.

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  1. Beano says:

    While Unsworth is probably not going to last the season as manager, who cares what Barton has to say?
    And why are show giving Barton interviews? Stop stoking that jackass’ undeserved ego.

  2. usrick says:

    Unfortunate Barton’s ban doesn’t keep from yapping about the game, or anything else for that matter.

  3. Syndex says:

    It wasn’t an interview he was allegedly commentating. I had to switch it off after 45 minutes of moaning bray. Jesus he isn’t at all bitter about the fact Everton turned down signing him is he.

  4. Big Dan says:

    Joey who?

  5. Archer says:

    Unsworth is twice the man that Barton is – quite literally… (sorry, couldn’t resist XD)

    Not a lot of love for Joey Barton here… often controversial, I have to say he does talk sense a lot of the time. His outspoken-ness and honesty is actually quite admirable (like it or not) in the these current days of over-sanitised, ‘can’t-criticise-anything-or-anyone’ interviews.

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