Shit Lookalikes: Everton’s new Le Coq Sportif home kit and Everton’s 80s kit

Ollie Irish

3rd, June 2009


It’s crystal clear where Le Coq Sportif’s designers got the inspiration for Everton’s home shirt for 09/10. As you can see, it’s a deliberate copy of the classic HAFNIA kit of the mid-Eighties, as worn by one of Everton’s finest ever teams - the Eighties revival shows no sign of stopping. And doesn’t Louis Saha look absolutely delighted to be wearing it. Cheer up, Louis.
The white chest detail is narrower and deeper on the new shirt, but apart from that, it’s virtually identical. I’m not convinced by the tailoring on the new version though – the horizontal seam is in the wrong place, surely. Honestly, I prefer the old one. It’s nice to see Le Coq doing Everton’s kit again, but they could have come up with something totally new and radical, rather than a tribute top. I don’t want to look at Phil Neville and be reminded of Peter Reid’s monkey head.
The kit launches on 27 June. What do you think of it? Vote below or leave a comment…

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  1. mattydub says:

    Maybe they are hoping to re-live the glory days of the 80’s. Moyes deserves it!!

  2. Ben Walker says:

    cretins…. the point of the kit is 25 years since we wore that kit and won the Cup winners Cup

  3. Ollie says:

    Yes Ben, we get that, thanks.
    The point is, why pay tribute with an inferior copy of a classic kit? Commemorate the anniversary of the CWC triumph in a different way.

  4. Tspot says:

    it looks like a cardigan with a white tee behind that every tom d#ck and harry wears for nite out

  5. Ollie says:

    @ Tspot: yeah, mostly Dicks.

  6. Tommy says:

    It reminds me of Mr. Rogers….does Mr. Rogers exist in The Motherland, or he just a United States thing?

  7. Ollie says:

    Mr Rogers?? News to me – what’s his story?

  8. Tommy says:

    Just as i thought….Mr Rogers had this show for little ones called Mister Rogers Neighborhood…it was about this guy who would come home from work, change into a cardigan and welcome children into his home to meet all his neighbors and see what they do, i.e. the milkman, paperman, etc…then he would take you to the Land of Make Believe where he would use these puppets to tell different stories….
    it was intended as a very pure innocent childrens program but came across a little on the creepy side, on to adults though, i think children loved it….
    check out the Wiki… and

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