Prince Harry And Meghan Markle: Kensington Palace Confirm Royal Wedding Will Clash With FA Cup Final

Chris Wright

15th, December 2017


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If, like Pies, you couldn’t give a flying fudgecake about the Royal Family™ then you probably couldn’t care less that Kensington Palace have confirmed that Prince Harry is to wed Meghan Markle in the Spring of 2018.

However, if, likes Pies, you quite enjoy watching significant football matches on the television, then you’ll no doubt be dismayed to learn that the specific date set for the aforementioned wedding is Saturday 19th May: FA Cup Final day.

Prepare yourself for the Final being shunted to BBC Two while BBC One provides fawning day-long coverage of parasitic toffs gadding about amid scenes of boundless inherited wealth and inequitable opulence.

You’d have thought that Prince William, in his role as president of The FA (not to mention a die-hard Aston Villa ultra), might have noticed the entirely avoidable clash.

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  1. Gamblino says:

    “parasitic toffs gadding about amid scenes of boundless inherited wealth and inequitable opulence”

    haha Bravo!!

  2. Pit says:

    Prince William is the FA president, as I know:) Isn’t he?

  3. whoateallmyties says:

    God bless you Chris, i share your sentiments, who really gives a toss about these posh knobs

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