McFAIL: Premier League rejects Rangers and Celtic

Ollie Irish

12th, November 2009



Premier League chairmen today overwhelmingly REJECTED Phil Gartside’s rubbish proposal for a new-look Premier League including the two Old Firm clubs.

A most enjoyable Premier League statement read:

“Bolton Wanderers submitted a discussion paper detailing ideas concerning the restructuring of the Premier League into two tiers with the inclusion of Celtic and Rangers.

“The clubs welcomed the additional input into an ongoing process, however, they were of the opinion that bringing Celtic and Rangers into any form of Premier League set-up was not desirable or viable.”

Quite right too. Always a non-starter in my book. However, Gartside’s Bolton can go join the SPL if they want. I wouldn’t miss ’em much.

And you hear that, Old Firm: you’re officially “not desirable”! Sprinkle some of that on your deep-fried Mars Bars. Joking, of course – you’re my guys.

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  1. Reasoned response says:

    No loss. the whole over-rated ediface of the ‘Sky’ works league will crumble in the near future with 10+ clubs in administration.

  2. captainramrod says:

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! STAY IN YA OWN DEEP FRIED FOOD EATING NON LEAGUE, big clubs my arse! blue square might let them in.

  3. DAVID GEBBIE says:

    The introduction od the old firm into the English Premier group was never going to happen, it was a dead loss from the start. Only other option now is the so called Atlantic league.I think there is a 50/50 that will happen..Call me a opptomistic fool, but I can see the day when the premier league will welcom the old firm to join, if this new stucture ever takes place…And it will.!

    The old firm has to move, that’s a fact..They need to play more competative teams on a regular basis, if they ever have to improve.(Which they do) Fact is that the so called lower teams in the SPL have been making money on both these teams for years..Playing these teams every week, with crowds of five to six thousand was a joke, and the possibility of an old firm player getting seriously injured was very real indeed.

    Not withstanding the premier league decision..The old firm has to move.

  4. frankiebhoy says:

    English clubs afraid of the old firm , simple as that. If they were not they would have said yes.

  5. David - Yorkie says:

    Gartsides proposal was not just about the Old Firm coming south it was about sharing out the TV dough so that the whole league became more competetive. As we all know the big boys don’t want to give up a penny even to teams in England so they are not likely to want Glasgow’s two behemoths to have any either. It will always come down to money.

  6. BlueBear says:

    Thank F*ck!! Joining the EPL is NOT the answer to the Old Firms financial woes. Yes there is a lot of interest and therefore a lot of TV cash in the EPL at the moment but this wont last forever. The Old Firm are not the only big teams in Europe who have this problem. Teams like Benfica, Ajax, Lyon, Porto, Brugge etc will force a major shakeup of the existing European tournaments. I don’t believe an “Atlantic League” has any chance of getting off the ground but changes to the Champions League and Europa League are a feasible alternative. The winds of change are blowing through Europe. Watch this space…

  7. Ben says:

    bluebear u rly are a fucktard.

    yesterday you were crying when the lads said you wernt good enough for the EPL and not wanted more to the point. Now your pleased? your a 24 carrat pleb.

  8. Philando Torres says:

    Put them in the Conference and let them work their way up legitimately. After all, we’ve got a few Welsh teams in the leagues.

    Just parachuting them into the EPL was never going to be allowed. Who the fuck thought it would? Apart from Stan ‘common sense’ Collymore.

  9. kritter says:

    they could probably join the russian league

  10. Hambo says:

    The problem works both ways, the big English clubs don’t want tae share money and neither do the old firm (i’d rather see a better SPL than the auld firm play doon south), though, money isn’t the answer to the problem as some of the bigger EPL teams found this year when the hit the CCC and are struggling there as well.

  11. Celtic and Rangers should create a european super league with big countries from smaller european nations. Cut the number of games in the a spl by half then play a european and scottish season.

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