Rangers Enter Administration, Immediately Docked 10 Points – Celtic Crowned SPL Champions In February

Chris Wright

14th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

Just a quickie to keep you abreast of the latest wranglings North o’ the border, in so far as, thanks to an outstanding tax bill of somewhere around the £49-million mark, Rangers have now officially entered administration as of this afternoon – meaning the club will be immediately docked ten league points.

The deduction will see Rangers fall 14 points behind Celtic, who are sitting pretty at the summit of the SPL with 65 points – though you may not be surprised that it won’t be enough to knock them out of the top two. Motherwell are currently in third spot with 42 points.

The long and short of it? Celtic are this year’s SPL champions. In February.

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  1. WildScotsman6 says:


  2. dudeman says:

    This is not good for anyone. Hope everything ends well.

  3. dennis says:

    Is it now gonna be a one-club-league?

  4. Dusty says:

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer club!

    RIP Bigotry FC

  5. JS says:

    Well done Dusty. Way to solve the problem once and for all.

  6. Inno says:

    It’s worse than that – the £49m judgement hasn’t been made yet. The administration was bought on by the fact that Whyte hasn’t paid over £9m of PAYE and VAT since he took over – money that’s been collected, but not paid out! There’s the £49m tax case still to come; there’s the £24m owed to Ticketus; there’s the penalties for late payment of the “wee tax” case and other assorted monies owed. This is gonna get worse before it gets better…

  7. Fnarf says:

    This is a terrible thing for Scottish football, and for Celtic too. You can’t have a league with only one team in it. At this rate there won’t BE any Scottish football in a year’s time.

  8. Mr. Chopper says:

    The second placed team gets docked ten points and ends up… Second. COMPETITION.

  9. Dusty says:

    Fnarf, Rangers have always needed Celtic (their bigger, more successful, more followed worldwide neighbours) more than Celtic will ever need the backwards sectarian shame that is Rangers.

    Rangers demise is not only a good thing for Scottish football, but for society in general. Ibrox has been a festering pit of small minded bigotry and intolerance for 140 years and without their “quintessentially British” club maybe “the people” can put their energy towards more progressive causes than “getting it right up the taigs”.

    Celtic are very healthy financially, operating long-term sustainable model while maintaining a high quality of player on the field – all this within the meagre parameters of Scottish football.

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that Rangers downfall is bad for anyone but Rangers and their horders of knuckle dragging followers.

    The world will be a better place when Ibrox is boarded up and resigned to history, to be looked back on and cringed.

  10. Dusty says:

    Chopper, EPL (league with far more teams) winners in the last umpteen years:

    995–96 Manchester United
    1996–97 Manchester United
    1997–98 Arsenal
    1998–99 Manchester United
    1999–2000 Manchester United
    2000–01 Manchester United
    2001–02 Arsenal
    2002–03 Manchester United
    2003–04 Arsenal
    2004–05 Chelsea
    2005–06 Chelsea
    2006–07 Manchester United
    2007–08 Manchester United
    2008–09 Manchester United
    2009–10 Chelsea
    2010–11 Manchester United


  11. Pete says:

    It’s pathetic that Celtic need Rangers to go into Administration in order to beat them. Enjoy your title for now gaiboys.

  12. Tinez says:

    Points difference between positions 1 and 2 and position 3, dusty?

  13. WildScotsman6 says:

    I’m telling you, this is great for Scottish football. If Rangers just get destroyed, Celtic may stand a better chance at getting into the EPL, which everybody wants except lower league teams of course… so to be fair.. Celtic (just speaking for myself here) would happily start out in the 3rd tier and work our way up to the Premiership. It’s not like you have to be english to play in it (swansea, etc.). That way, Scottish football gets more competition for the rest of the league and EVERYBODY profits…. except Rangers… scum, haha!

  14. DJ says:

    Dusty you are talking shit mate. Bigotry exists on both sides with the pro IRA chanting that goes on. Rangers at least recocnise the problem were as Celtic just like to brush it under the carpet.

  15. Dusty says:

    Teams all across England and Scotland parade the fuckin’ cannon fodder British troops at games all the time… what’s that got to do with football? Is that bigoted?

    What’s the difference between clubs of British identity parading British soldiers all over their stadiums, and a club with an Irish identity singing old war songs about Irish soldiers?

    Hypocrisy. And there’s no two-ways about it. Blatant double standards from a typical small minded BIGOT.

    Cheerio Rangers. Tiochfaidh ar la.

  16. anonymous says:

    winning the league by, not hard work, but administration.

    well done men.. well fuckin earned.

  17. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Too bad both Celtic and Rangers can’t both just cease to exist.

  18. Cmdg says:

    @dusty and you say rangers fans are bigoted? Lol
    Youre just a moronic, bitter, green tinted glasses wearing idiot. Celtic fans are just as bigoted as rangers fans. We don’t boo war heroes, we proudly support the poppy appeal which supports fallen war heroes, we don’t sing about people dying in tragedies with great joy. Long story short both sets of fans are as bad as each other get your head out the sand you idiot.

  19. peter griffen says:

    Celtic football club is laughing today as now they have Sky tv by the nut’s due to them offering 80 million for t.v right to 20 when – ever,this is all because 10 other S-P-L have told other clubs to vote . Celtic wont or will never be beat in any bad buisness as all because rangers are off the map were to suffer with stupid S-P-L tactics…

  20. peter griffen says:

    Rangers Shame Of Europe not just Scotland.

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