Gary Lineker Destroys Piers Morgan On Twitter For The Second Time

Chris Wright

17th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

For reasons unbeknownst or cared about by anyone other than himself, Piers Morgan has continued in his po-faced attempts to rile Gary Lineker using his entirely flaccid ‘thorn in the side of celebrity culture’ Twitter mumblings and found himself, once again, subtly yet completely and utterly owned by MoTD’s velvety host…

Boom! 2-0 Lineker.

How did an upstaged Morgan take it? With dignity, decorum and an acknowledgement that the better man won? Did he arse.

Instead, the ruddy-cheeked moron took to braying about his bete noire‘s sizeable ears and insulting people that were giving him the old ‘you just got reamed’ treatment for spelling Lineker’s name wrong, calling them ‘dim-witted pond life’ among other things.

What a gent.

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  1. kk says:

    I would LOVE IT if he got busted for phone hacking or something. Absolutely love it. Dreadful man. Have a look at his appearance on Have I Got News For You for a laugh, it’s all on Youtube.

  2. Lukass says:

    I’m not from the UK, so can someone please explain to me who this Piers Morgan chap is, and why is he so relevant to everybody?

  3. Jay says:

    Linkear – Genius response. Love it.

    @Lukass: Apologies if you meant to put a sarcastic comment – my bad.

    But basically Piers Morgan was a former Editor of a gutter press tabloid (the ones in a court case currently about hacking celebrities and members of the public’s phones for stories….He also was a judge on Xfactor….

  4. Bill says:

    ^A Cunt

  5. Jay says:

    *correction…..I may have got my facts wrong – I believe he used to work for the gutter press – The Sun, News Of The World and The Daily Mirror, but I think it’s just the ”journalists” of NOTW in court at the moment…

  6. Lukass says:

    @Jay: Ok, I see that, but what is his relevance to the football world? Why don’t people just ignore him like every other dumb asshole on Twitter instead of giving him publicity?

  7. Grant says:

    @Lukass: He’s a very public Arsenal supporter, and since he’s living in the U.S. at the moment working for CNN (he took over for quarter-of-a-century man Larry King last year), he’s appeared on FOX as an analyst in their attempts to show Premier League games on free-to-air TV in the States for the first time ever.

  8. JP says:

    As a Arsenal fan I wouldn’t even mention Piers Morgan as a full-fledged Gooner, he bitches way too much and is so quick with the negativity. Now, I am NOT saying Wenger and his men don’t deserve their fair share of criticism (because lets face it…THEY DO) but he is so whiny and dramatic it makes me ill.

  9. Dave says:


  10. Fnarf says:

    Not JUST any old gutter press lord. A gutter press lord who was dramatically sacked for having deliberately printed faked pictures of British soldiers committing atrocities on his front page.

    And a former gutter press lord who has publicly bragged about the illegally recorded voice mail messages he has listened to, including one of Paul McCartney tearfully trying to win his estranged wife back. I wonder how much he got paid for writing that story?

    His connection with football is that in the US, anyone with an English accent is automatically assumed to be an expert on the sport, so in addition to his talk-show duties taking over for Larry King he’s been commentating on soccer. A sport he knows absofuckinglutely nothing about.

    Piers Morgan is a piece of shit. He is a strong contender for Worst Person in the World. He belongs in a jail cell, not on my fucking television. He deserves to be run over by a car. Twice.

  11. Grant says:

    @Fnarf: Absolutely correct, except that he’s not been commentating on matches, but rather, analyzing them afterword. But other than that, absolutely everything else is spot on.

  12. Del says:

    Lineker–> Genius :D

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