Serb Star Adem Ljajic Kicked Off National Team For Failing To Sing National Anthem

Alan Duffy

28th, May 2012


By Alan Duffy

Linked with a move to Arsenal in recent weeks, Fiorentina’s Serbian midfielder Adem Llajic has felt the wrath of national team boss Sinisa Mihajlovic after being caught out not singing the national anthem before his side’s friendly fixture with Spain on Saturday.

Former Inter Milan and Roma star Mihajlovic is a renowned Serbian nationalist with rather questionable politics, and it seems that Ljajic’s failure to sing the national anthem pushed the Serb boss over the edge. A statement from the Sebia Football Federation said:

“Coach Mihajlovic yesterday held a meeting with Ljajic. After hearing Ljajic did not sing the anthem due to personal reasons and that that stance would not change, Sinisa Mihajlovic told the player to return home.

“The door has not been closed forever on the national team but he needs to change his attitude and officially notify Mihajlovic that he has done so. Then when his form merits it, he can return.”

20-year-old Ljajic has endured a rather crappy few months, with this latest dismissal from the national team coming not long after he was attacked by his own Fiorentina boss, Delio Rossi, during a match.

But surely singing the national anthem should be a personal choice, anyway?

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  1. Fnarf says:

    The lad needs to get out of Serbia and Italy and into the civilized part of the world. Getting chewed out by a man like Mihajlovic for insufficient nationalism should be a matter of some pride. But please not Arsenal!

  2. XOX says:

    The text of anthem is “God save Serbs (ethnic group not nation) and serbian land (Bosnia, Kraina, Montenegro). The lands which nationalists mean that belong to Serbia. Ljaić is Bosniak and his people was victim of genocide – so its difficult to sing. Its difficult for all national minorities because that anthem is not anthem for all citizens of Serbia but for major ethnic group. Coach is frustrated nationalist!
    Just imagine, USA anthem “God bless white Amerikans” and someone who is black and dont want to sing – kick him off from the team!

  3. Alban says:

    Hardcore Serbian nationalist Nikolic (a close friend war-criminal ex-president Milošević) was elected as the president of Serbia last week. Mihajlovic, is known for his anti-Muslim feelings as he had expressed his feelings of admiration of Milosevic, Karadzic and other big names who were involved in the Bosnian massacre. It is no surprise he used the rising nationalist sentimental wave in his country to surf on and sack Adam Ljajic (who is Muslim).

  4. hug me says:

    What a stupid test of character the national anthem is. People are always judging players on their desire to play for their country on if they sing the national anthem. Surely Ljajic has shown enough pride and commitment by agreeing to play for his country in the first place. The manager should be slapped.

  5. Hirsty says:

    I believe Ljajic is a Muslim, would could have something to do with him not wanting to sing the anthem. You know, on account of all the…..history.

  6. wolfinho says:

    what’s all this political shite about?! play football! i’d like to see him at arsenal because he’s a good footballer and it’d be good for the english game. more talent, less downing-esque premier league-readiness. oh, and, drunk.

  7. Toz says:

    This ridiculous ultra-nationalism lead to two wars which resulted in countless unnecessary deaths.

    Politics and football don’t mix.

  8. medo says:

    He chose to play for Serbia and signed an agreement , if he’s not happy why not play for Bosnia, Croatia, Albania etc., how can you represent his country if he hates it, he’s a drama queen.

  9. Toz says:

    By the way, his name is Adem, not Adam.

  10. john says:

    serbia gave him bread, opportunity to play soccer and have a future.

  11. Milkchew says:

    @ John

    They also slaughtered his family by the sounds of it.

  12. gamblino says:

    Agree with comment #1. Disgraceful backward country. They’ll probably be next up as Euro hosts.

  13. sundar says:

    He is right, no one can sing such a bullshit anthem. This is 21st Century and ne civilized you Serbs

  14. Marcus says:

    Awesome trolling by the Albanians and others on this site. Whoateallthepies needs to stick to football and not politics. Mihajlovic is a nationalist? Pardon me?

    Mihajlovic and the Serbian FA have been the biggest proponents of this kid throughout the shit he went through in Fiorentina. The point is that Mihajlovic is trying to build team unity and a respectful team that plays for country as hard as they do for club (something that Serbia tends to lack in major competitions). The fact that this kid didn’t want to sing the anthem after the team agreed to it, is disrespectful to the coach, team and his teammates who sing in unity. As for the idiots on this site calling out Genocide and pointing out the fact that Ljajic is a muslim. A few points for you…. Ljajic is from Serbia. not Bosnia and his family was never killed by anyone, so enough of the muslim propaganda. Yes he is a muslim, but that has never mattered nor should it in this case. He was a star at Partizan Belgrade at 18 and loved by the fans of the club (you know those crazy nationalist Serbs). So please keep out of the politics and get your facts straight.

  15. Lukass says:

    I honestly can’t believe most of the comments here, Ljajić, a disgraceful excuse for a human being, a prima donna who incited his coach to lose his temper with him with his disgusting attitude, a guy who only went to Fiorentina and became to be known because of the Serbian national team, refuses to sing the national anthem… Why the fuck did he start playing for Serbia in the first place if the anthem doesn’t suit him?! He could have chosen to play for Bosnia if their anthem is more appealing to him, but he didn’t. Now he will never play for any national team again, and you know what? Serves the little prima donna prick right…

  16. Lukass says:

    no one slaughtered any member of his family…

  17. Toz says:

    @Agree with comment #1. Disgraceful backward country. They’ll probably be next up as Euro hosts.

    Actually a disgraceful backward country is; France.[/sarcasm]

    Anyway, you can just go and faq yourself asshole.

  18. tonys says:

    Isn’t this about the time FIFA should step in? Just wondering.

  19. Guff says:

    @medo & Lukass How dim are you two? You can’t choose freely what country to play for.

    Mihaijlovic is a tosser.

  20. Bear says:


    Umm, get your facts straight – Partizan was a pro-Yugoslavia during the Balkan wars, Red Star has always been a nationalist club. Hell, their once glorious fan club leader, Arkan, was a Serbian nationalist notorious for Muslim massacres. So, Ljajic probably settled at Partizan for exactly the same reasons he refused to sing the national anthem.

    Nevertheless, a pretty restrictive, and somewhat fascist, way of managing a team.

  21. prick says:

    To those uninformed but quick to judge, the national anthem is “God of Justice”, and it indeed specifically refers to the Serbian kind and Serbian peoples who are followers of the Christian faith. Adem Ljajic belongs to the muslim minority in the south of Serbia.
    What i don’t understand is, why the hell is he ok with wearing the Serbian jersey which bears a Christian cross but is not ok with singing the anthem which doesn’t make a single reference to Jesus Christ or any god in particular?
    The history is painted in oceans of blood, but lets not forget, the christian Serbs were there for a whole millennium before the Ottoman Turks brought Islam to the region.
    The tensions will always exist, no matter what

  22. V says:

    I think we all should once again thank religion. Thank you, Religion

  23. Senin gibi türk başarılı futbolcuları beşiktaş”ta,görmek isteriz?

  24. Mostafa says:

    It’s because he’s Muslim :)

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