Euro 2012: Alan Hansen Tips Germany, Holland & Portugal For Semi-Finals – There’s Just One Small Problem…

By Chris Wright

Maverick predictions from the boy Hansen there. Who says the Beeb’s pundits are just phoning it in these days?

Can you spot the small, almost insignificant ricket in Hansen’s tips? That’s right; Germany, Holland and Portugal are all in Group B together and therefore cannot all reach the semis by process of elimination. The article has since been stripped from the BBC Sport website.

Now, we’re fine ones to pipe up – after all, the first player we chose for our ‘Young’ns to watch at the Euros‘ list will be watching it at home this summer – but, then again, we’re not raking in £40,000 an episode to proffer our weighty opinions unto the world.

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  1. Nathan says:

    Can you spot the small, almost insignificant ricket in WAATP’s article? That’s right; “Germany, Spain and Portugal” aren’t in the same group.

  2. balotelli says:

    Spain is in the group with Italy…

  3. juancullo says:

    you have made a complete arse of that

  4. Angloitalian says:

    BBC pundit in ‘not done his homework’ Shocker! Oh, and Pies, it’s Germany, Portugal and Netherlands that are in the same group.

  5. harry says:

    Don’t take the mick out of someone then in doing so make a big error yourself, now you look dafter than daft.

  6. lordrt says:

    Pies messed it up, its Germany, Netherlands and Portugal which are in the same group (B), while Spain is in group C

  7. Gamblino says:

    He also doesnt mention anywhere that they will All get to the semi’s, just that one will win.

    This is an odd one.

  8. Benjamin says:

    And another thing Chris… Kevin Strootman (first one on the ‘Young’ns to watch list’) is not watching from home.. He is currently in Krakau in training with the Dutch Squad ahead of clash with Denmark!

  9. Benjamin says:

    And another thing Chris, concerning the ‘Young’ns to watch list’. Kevin Strootman will not be watching from his home in Holland. He is currently in krakau with the Dutch squad preparing for the clash with Denmark…

    • Chris says:

      @Benjamin: Yeah, but the first person I chose was John Guidetti – who was axed from the Sweden squad a week or so previous. Strootman was his replacement.

  10. Seb says:

    Sorry where does he say all four will reach the semis? He simply said those are the order of who is most likely to win, basically the four strongest teams

  11. gamblino says:

    Fair enough.

  12. chimpo says:

    wheres england on this list? they’re nailed on to get to the semis at least

  13. Toz says:


    Are you taking the piss?

    I see (and hope) that England crash out and although missing the Euro the last time around didn’t end the stupid prediction of England winning every tournament; perhaps this one will. England is simply not good enough to win tournaments because let’s face it, none of those players can actually play together.

    Anyway, I slot all sixteen teams favourites to get out of their groups and win the thing.

  14. Benjamin says:

    @Chris; that explains alot (my apologies for the double post, guess I was a bit impatient).

  15. LunaVC says:

    Taxi for Chris!

  16. wolfinho says:

    how can we know if hansen’s master plan is to get every other team in the euro’s disqualified? then the UEFA hand would be forced, and he’d look like a wizard in daft disguise.

  17. critic says:

    daft writer. You should have provided the evidence that he mentioned spain,germany,holland and portugal as semis candidates and not his favorite to win the tourney in that order.

    Did u really ate all the pies?

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