It’s The Way He Tells ‘Em! – Comedy Heavyweight Fabio Capello Roasts Wayne Rooney With Pithy One-Line Zinger

Chris Wright

27th, June 2012


By Chris Wright

“Hey Wayne. You look like luncheon meat being forced through a sieve, ZING-A-LING!”

Comedy icon Fabio Capello has bought Wayne Rooney’s world crashing down around his ears this morning with the kind of one-liner that can reduce a man to his component parts in a heartbeat.

Speaking to The Sun, Capello donned a small fez, tilted it jauntily to one side and then set about summing up Rooney’s shin bumbling run-out at Euro 2012 in one withering rip-snorter:

“After seeing the latest game, I think Rooney only understands Scottish. That’s because he only plays well in Manchester, where Sir Alex Ferguson speaks Scottish.”

*Moment’s silence*


*Golf clap*

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  1. plops says:

    He’s got a Bo Selecta face don’t you think?

    *brought, not bought.

  2. Ben says:

    Can’t believe Capello has the cheek to criticise anyone else’s English

  3. LiamB Jr says:

    At plops,

    Do you know if any new Bo Selecta Episodes are running? I so want Avid Merrion to do an impression of Wayne Rooney =3

  4. plops says:

    No idea about Bo Selecta mate. Mel B was a work of (semi) genius – always reminded me of Jim Bowen. I wasn’t really a fan of the show other than those bits I saw.

  5. krack says:

    caption time

    capello: roony, i haz a joke.
    roony: is it funny or will it be lost in translation
    capello: listen. here is joke. your mom is so fat that she must eat a lot of ice cream.
    roony: that is not funny. not even close.
    capello: well how bout this for a joke. you are a piece of sh1t player who will never materialize for his country, and from what i have seen england will be in football’s darkages for another 50 years.
    capello: what? you no understand?

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