Veteran Swedish Broadcaster Does A ‘Ron Atkinson’, Gets Fired After Off-Mic Racist Remarks

Alan Duffy

9th, October 2012


By Alan Duffy

Bo Hansson, a veteran Swedish sports commentator broke the cardinal rule of the casually racist broadcaster – he forget to check if the microphone was still on when he decided to go all Big Ron on us.

Referring to some of the players on show during AIK’s clash with Gefle, Hansson was heard muttering the word ‘darkies’ by eagle-eared listeners to the Sveriges Radio programme.

Hansson was promptly, and correctly, given the sack by the radio station soon after, with the head of sport on the channel, saying:

“Such comments can and should never be allowed in our broadcasts. It is deeply regrettable.”

AIK’s big-wig, Thomas Edselius, said:

“Bo Hansson is no longer allowed into the press box this season, what he has done is contrary to our values – we have zero tolerance for racism.”

While Hansson himself seems to think that his only crime was getting caught. He muttered:

 “I was talking to myself in my corner. It was never intended to be broadcast. I had no idea.”

Talking to himself in a corner AND racist? Sounds like quite a guy.

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  1. Stickan says:

    Actually what happend is that Hansson is a 79 year old retired sports commentator. A legend one might say. He was at the game, was freezing as you do in Sweden in october and an old mate from the swedish radio let him into the commentary box. Hansson didn´t know that they were broadcasting, made the racist slur and actually got his mate fired from the radio for letting him into the box.

  2. Alan Duffy says:

    @Stickan – Thanks for this info!

  3. C says:

    Not that it’s needed, but I can confirm Stickan’s story.

    Sad way to taint the reputation on a legendary career.

  4. Per says:

    A legend indeed. Brilliant commentator, back in the days.

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