‘He’s Crazy, That’s All’ – Gennaro Gattuso Reminisces About The Time Gazza Took A Dump In His Boxer Shorts

Chris Wright

20th, November 2012


By Chris Wright

“Oh God, I don’t want to look…”

Gennaro Gattuso, currently FC Sion, has obviously been spending some time on the psychiatrist’s couch since moving to Switzerland, back-tracking through the corridors of his mind and revisiting his most painful memories – that is, if his latest revelation about a particular brush with Gazza during his year (1997/98) at Rangers is anything to go by.

Rino regaled the harrowing ordeal on Swiss television show SF:

“After my first training with Rangers I went into shower, came back into the dressing room, and there was a foul smell in the room which was coming from my belongings.

“I took my boxer shorts out of my bag and saw that there was something heavy in them. Paul Gascoigne had crapped in my underpants.

“Gazza is a madman who makes such jokes. He’s crazy, that’s all. This is his way of being. Then I had to drive home without pants on!”

Shitting in someone else’s shreddies? SOUND THE BAAAAAANNNTTTAAAAAHHHH KLAXON!

Seriously though, gross – though it’s not like Gazza was a pioneer dealing in this kind of fecal-based camaraderie. Pinching off a log and delicately laying on teammate’s clothes/shoes was a bit of a mainstay in the repertoires of many a ‘dressing room pranksters’ (yes, you’re right to instantly picture Neil Ruddock) of yesteryear.

‘Why?’ is quite another matter.

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  1. McRillen says:

    Gazza also pissed on Erik Bo Andersen at Rangers

  2. Jarren says:

    I’d have been shocked if this had of happened to me in primary school.

    For it to happen amongst grown men, well, each to their own.

    Much like everything else, humour takes on many shades.

    Not all of them brown, thank god.

  3. Stupot says:

    I was on the YTS at Spurs back in 1988 when he was there.
    The man was just mad! Really nice to us YTS’ers, but just hyper ALL the time. I saw him drive Paul Walsh’s brand new BMW into a wall for a laugh… Madness!
    I got a signed shirt from him, one of those horrible yellow away ones we had, then I got let go, but I’m not bitter….. Much!!

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