Rapid Bucharest File For Insolvency, Sack All Foreign Players By Email

Chris Wright

20th, December 2012

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By Chris Wright

Times are hard at Rapid Bucharest at the moment, with the penniless Romanian club forced to file for insolvency after running up substantial debts – though you’ll be glad to know that they have a plan, unless you happen to be one of the 11 foreign players on their books that is.

Rapid are currently in the process of drawing up the requisite paperwork to sack all of their non-Romanian players in a bid to hack down their wage bill (the country’s football federation don’t allow insolvent teams to play in their top flight), the eventual goal being to rebuild the side with cheaper homegrown talent.

Manager Danut Perja told a local news outlet: “We renounce all foreigners. All of them will receive the documents under which their contract are terminated unilaterally by email.”

That’s that then.

Apparently Macedonian striker Blaze Ilijoski has already secured a winter move away from Rapid, with Brazilians Pecanha, Wallace, Glauber, Renan and Figueiredo, Portuguese pair Rui Duarte and Filipe Teixeira, Serbians Milos Pavlovic and Nemanja Milisavljevic and Montenegrin Vladimir Bozovic all being forced to follow suit.

(Image via Romania Online)

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1 Comment

  1. They did not sack the foreign players. It’s just that the club have no money to spend, filed for insolvency, but before that, almost every player, foreign or not, asked the romanian league board to be declared free agents because they did not receive any pay check in 3 months.

    There are also a lot of romanian players from Rapid wich will leave as free agents, (most notably, Herea)

    Some will remain and try to revive the club, like veteran defender Iencsi. But all those who remain will be asked to agree to a paycut

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