Football GIF: Getafe’s Miku Nobbles Feyenoord Youngster With Knee-High Horror Tackle

Chris Wright

29th, July 2013


By Chris Wright

Nasty looking stuff here from Getafe’s pre-season friendly against Feyenoord yesterday afternoon in which Miku goes in with a horrendously high nobbler on Dutch youngster Joey Sleegers’ 19-year-old kneecap and reduces him to a quivering pile of flesh-coloured putty…


Grim. Look at the bowing of that leg. It’s a wonder Sleegers didn’t sustain any serious damage.

Fans of law and order will no doubt be glad to hear that the referee came down on Miku with the full weight of the powers invested in him by duly administering the Venezuelan striker with a yellow card and a rather stern finger wag.

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  1. DoodleMaster says:

    Chris, what causes people to make stupid challenges like that?

  2. miku the rat says:

    typical south-american scum

  3. Rory says:

    Miku’s not that type of player in fairness… What a prick, in a friendly and all!

  4. Peters says:

    no one is ever “that type of player” or “he’s a good lad”..

    That very well may be the first time in Miku’s career that he ever went in for a ball like that… but seriously, enough is enough with these reckless tackles. Christ almighty, was he even going for the ball?!?! surely he could see Sleegers was in a better position to win the it but he still followed through, looking at him the whole time.. it wasn’t even 50/50..

  5. GDB says:

    @miku the rat

    your comment makes you look like an idiot, more so than Miku with his tackle.

  6. Jake says:

    Chris, god damn brilliantly written bit at the end about fans of law and order, top drawer.

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