Adnan Januzaj Has First International Cap Revoked After FIFA Wipe Belgium’s 5-1 Thrashing Of Luxembourg Over Substitution Gaffe

Chris Wright

4th, June 2014


By Chris Wright


After all the squabbling and hoo-ha that preceded it, Adnan Januzaj has had his maiden international cap revoked after FIFA declared that Belgium’s recent 5-1 trouncing of Luxembourg is to be struck from the record books.

Apparently, it has come to light that Belgium coach Marc Wilmots made one too many substitutions during the friendly game and, as such, FIFA have declared the result invalid.

This from the BBC Sportsday live newsfeed:

“Manchester United’s Adnan Januzaj has his first Belgium cap taken from him after FIFA wiped the 5-1 win against Luxembourg from the official records.

“Coach Marc Wilmots made seven substitutions in the World Cup warm-up match, one more than the amount permitted by world football’s governing body.

“It also means Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku has his hat-trick in the 26th May encounter erased and goalkeeper Sammy Bossut also has his first cap annulled.”