Five Of FIFA’s Six Top Sponsors Go Public With Their Concerns About Qatar 2022 World Cup Vote Corruption

Chris Wright

9th, June 2014


By Chris Wright

Switzerland 2022 Soccer WCup Announcement

It started with Sony yesterday, but now five of FIFA’s six main sponsors – including Adidas, Coca-Cola, Visa and Hyundai – have openly expressed their concerns regarding the continued corruption allegations centred around the bidding process for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Only Emirates airline have so far declined to publicly comment on the matter. No major surprises there.

Adidas, one of FIFA’s longest-standing commercial partners, released a statement to say: “The negative tenor of the public debate around FIFA at the moment is neither good for football nor for FIFA and its partners.”

Visa: “We expect FIFA will take the appropriate actions to respond to the report and its recommendations.”

Coca-Cola: “Anything that detracts from the mission and ideals of the Fifa World Cup is a concern to us.”

Hyundai: “We are confident that FIFA is taking these allegations seriously and that the investigatory chamber of the FIFA ethics committee will conduct a thorough investigation.”

According to BBC Sport, several of FIFA’s official World Cup sponsors such as BP and Budweiser have now also publicly registered their discontent at the current state of play.

It is estimated that over the course of a four-year World Cup cycle, FIFA’s six principle sponsors contribute a collective £900million to the coffers – so losing their confidence and, more importantly, their financial support, is a pretty big deal for Sepp and the boys.

Shit, meet the fan.

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  1. Chris says:

    To be brutally honest – this was a pure BS shocker the moment the name came out of the envelope.
    Blatter has his fingers in so many mucky pies, you can see it in his face – he cant be bothered to hide it.
    I wont doubt his FIFA stewardship for all of what he has tried to do for FIFA, he has had to deal with some shocking behaviour from his FIFA representatives and thus be the face of corruption.

  2. Joe says:

    There you go. The last – and most important, as far as FIFA are bothered – piece of the great escape jigsaw out of the stupid decision they made. FIFA’s equivilent of the walk of shame.
    Turned out nice for them.

    There will be no re-vote. Whoever got the 2nd most votes should get the 2022 World Cup. USA, was it? Imagine that. And just as the game is reaching prominece stateside.
    What an orchestrated farce.

  3. Cal says:

    @ Joe: Why would the US not be a good place to host the World Cup? The other candidates were Japan, South Korea, and Australia. Nothing against them, but the World Cup shouldn’t be held out of countries that don’t already have the infrastructure (US: check), the airport capacity (US: check), and the city’s hospitality requirements (US: check). Hm, seems the US actually checks out as a decent host…

    • Tellitasitis says:

      @Cal…WTF??? So in your world, Japan, South Korea and Australia are lesser nations than the US. What drugs are you on? Have you even been to ANY of those countries? If you had, you would soon realise the other three countries have a greater capacity (especially Sth Korea & Australia) to host the WC than the US. I was in the US last October and November…no thanks.

  4. Jarren says:

    When even Coke take a moral stand you know you’re fucked.

    Plus, just in today, Sepp has claimed that the media are being somehow “racist” in relation to the corruption claims.

    This from the creature who said racism on the field does not exist and if it did, it could be forgiven with a handshake.

    This shit stopped being funny years ago. The lunatics are actually running the asylum.

    Football does NOT deserve to be run like this.

  5. Joe says:


    I think a USA World Cup in 2022 would be brilliant. If anything, it may eventually be the catalyst that is needed to popularise MLS, and hopefuly replace the Premier League as global TV’s favourite sporting bloated circus. The way football is these days is much more suited to the USA way of doing things, and we can get our league back.

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