World Cup Vine: Rio Ferdinand Provides Most Dynamic Piece Of World Cup Punditry So Far…

Chris Wright

17th, June 2014

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By Chris Wright

Having spent ten or so minutes desperately trying to conjure up something nice to say about Nigeria’s stupefyingly dull game against Iran yesterday, BBC pundit Rio Ferdinand was fresh out of flying f**ks to give by the time Gary Lineker got round to probing him on the game’s non-existent chances…

You can take your analytical insight and stick it right up your pipe!

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1 Comment

  1. LBRL says:

    Loooooool. Genius. In a way, that was the most perfect summation of that game from Rio. Rio’s punditry has been immense. I had preconceptions of Gary Neville last year and Rio this year, abut them going into punditry, but their honest and great insights have impressed us mightily. Kudos BBC for getting Rio on board! Now please come to QPR Sir!Great football knowledge.

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