World Cup Snapshot: Joe Hart Attempts A Routine Goal-Kick

Chris Wright

20th, June 2014


By Chris Wright

joe hart


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  1. adhikapp says:

    it wasnt a goal kick, but the summersault was still hilarious

  2. R Sole says:

    Capello’s use of anger as a managerial tool is a compelling psychological sub-plot to this World Cup. His beef with Hart was that he kept lumping the ball back downfield when the England goalkeepers have been told to restart moves constructively, preferably by rolling a pass to a colleague. “Hart! Why? Why?” Capello barked, his arms spread. This upper-body gesture transmits irritation but is also imploring. It demands an answer and requires the subject to think about his actions. “Why?” is said to be Capello’s favourite provocation.

    Yes, Fabio. Indeed. Hart! Why? Why?

    Why the phukk does every other team have an actual footballer in goal and we get fcuking Russ Abbott? Jesus H Gil!!

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