World Cup GIF: Arjen Robben Dives To Snaffle Game-Winning Penalty For Holland Against Mexico

Chris Wright

29th, June 2014


By Chris Wright

Yes he was clearly touched (not a foul) by Marquez boot-to-boot, but don’t you dare go giving us any bullplop about contact and/or the existence thereof – measures were desperate, Arjen Robben conspired to dive in the area, Mexico were grifted, Huntelaar buried it and Holland are through to the quarters…

The arch of the back, the flail of the limbs.

Suppose you’ve just got to applaud his well-timed deviousness.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Marquez stepped on his foot as he was changing direction….that’s a penalty any way you look at it. Furthermore, Robben deserved a penalty on a much more clear foul in the box in the first half.

  2. ScottM says:

    over-reaction by robben as usual. But marquez knew he done goofed…missed the ball, stomped the foot, the “i didn’t touch” gesture as soon as he made the stomp…

    What a cruel loss!

  3. Chris says:

    @Anonymous: This makes me sad.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bullshit. There is no way you would trip the way Robbwn did with the very slight side by side foot contact that resulted. Moreover the rule needs to be revamped so that a penalty is awarded ONLY If the player were in the position of taking a shot at goal which Robben clearly wasn’t. Robben is a shameless diving cunt, plain and simple.

  5. Rruffpaw says:

    Arjen Robben is a shameless diving cunt. There is NO WAY rhat the minimal grazing incidental contact initiated BY Robben AFTER Maequez attempted to boot the ball would’ve resulted in that sort of fall.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Very dumb move of Marquiz, deserved penalty and victory

  7. Peter says:

    It was definitely a penalty in fairness. Stood on his foot. About 3 seconds earier Robben had to hurdle another challenge in the box. He went down the same way he always does (Like he’s been shot) but it was still a penalty.

  8. rajz says:

    Seriously? Now that’s a retarded post. I always thought England was a big enough island to prevent inbreeding.

  9. Bestie says:

    And that was only the SECOND penalty Marquez should’ve been called for.
    Hasta la vista Mehico

  10. Hyooge says:

    Clearly a dive. Again.

  11. JJ says:

    HOW can people argue that this isn’t a dive?! Look at the challenge, look at the minimal, if any contact?! There is not enough to cause a toddler to fall over! His first thought is to buy a penalty, flinging out his legs, arching his back, DIVING! Its embarrassing! He even flicks the back of his own leg with his other foot. It saddens me the modern interpretation of what a foul is. In other sports the only reason to fall is when you are knocked over. Why is this rewarded!?

  12. Terry Shedingham says:

    It seems if you dive enough you’ll eventually be rewarded with a penalty. Very sad indeed.

  13. Sandro says:

    I love how people emphasize robben’s dives but robben clearly explained in an interview he sometimes goes down to protect his legs because he gets so many useless tackles. And yes some times it results in a dive. But people should enjoy his skills on the pitch which happens far more than his dives. Also he got denied a penalty in the first half so it is only understandable he goes for a pentaly when marquez makes such a dumb challenge. But i guess the robben haters will also tell you it wans’t a foul in the first half. The mexican defender clearly broke his leg by hitting the ball instead of robben, lmao. Robben is just a great player and people should understand when u play with such pace, a light foul will unbalance and disadvantage him.

  14. ful-robben says:

    If FIFA penalizes after a game to Suarez, I think they should suspend players like robben for exagerating a fault. Period. Any player that fakes a fault to get a penalty or that hits someone without the ref sees him should be penalized by FIFA as they did to Suarez.

  15. Ritamin says:

    However, he was fouled TWICE in the box earlier in the second half. Dat’s justice.

  16. Karly says:

    I am Mexican and well, obviously Marquez stepped on his foot inside the box. Clearly in the regulation of Soccer Rules it states that a foul inside the box is a penalty kick. It’s very obvsious that Robben dove to make it more drammatic which every player does. The fact of the matter is that Robben got stepped on inside the box!! so either way that is consider a penalty, even if he would of dove or not. The diving just called for attention.

  17. jack says:

    Robben is a shameless diving cunt and I hate him

  18. justin says:

    you can’t see a thing in this gif…

  19. Joe says:

    Robben dives when he is fouled. He’s what the Dutch would call an aansteller (‘drama queen’, is the closest English interpretation). Still a foul though.

  20. ANGRY MEXICAN says:

    Robben is a diving cunt he messed up trying to get past the defender and went for a dive because he wasn’t good enough to beat the defender. Fucking Suarez better take a chunk out of this cocksucker!!!

  21. Fucking Robben shall have a chunk taken out of him by Suarez as soon as he returns from his ban!

    Fucking diving cunt has no class at all!

  22. Zimphenel says:

    Goes down to protect his legs?? . . . I think football just died.

  23. bestie says:

    Jack, The Word of God (seriously?), Angry Mexican (that’s more like it): I hope you don’t forget us little people when you win your first Nobel Prize for Literature

  24. Dwayne-Canada says:

    I love to watch the world cup, it’s the best of the best and very entertaining. But, there should be more yellow cards for diving, that fucken Robben should have had two and been out of the game. I guess the “BETTER TEAM” won, politics in soccer (Futbol, Holy Fuck)!!!

  25. Chris says:

    If its a foul then call it. if a player over embellishes like this – then you rescind the foul.
    simply stepping your foot out to attempt a tackle (AS A DEFENDER SHOULD) Should not be grounds to reward a swan dive swan dive.
    Fact is now a team has been knocked out by play acting. Any retro active punishment would be useless unfortunately.
    Robben is well known for falling over yet he is allowed to continue.
    I would question FIFA / UEFA – i would use this guy as a marker for how to spot blatant foul winning.

  26. A bomb says:

    Robben is the best con-artist in the game. I haven’t seen C. Ronaldo dive in awhile (but he may have while I wasn’t watching) probably because he was so hilariously bad at it. He used to flop over when the defender foot was a solid meter away. Robben waits for some feather-like contact (often times during this world cup, he’ll initiate it himself!) and then swan dive like a maniac. To me it looks ridiculous but the refs fall for it a lot. It must be said 1) Marquez should know better. Dumb move on his part. 2) It is never ever justice to get a penalty in the last minute if you were supposed to get one in the first half. And the reasons are so obvious. Mainly that teams play completely differently depending on the score. IF Robben gets a penalty early in the game, Mexico likely wins 2-1 because they were so much better. It wasn’t until after they scored an hour into the game the coach makes a stupid sub and the retreat and invite pressure. (Still there was hardly any because Holland was THAT bad.)

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