Belgium Boss Marc Wilmots Tries (And Fails) To ‘Lose Gracefully’ After Being Knocked Out By Argentina

Chris Wright

5th, July 2014


By Chris Wright

Brazil Soccer WCup Belgium

“I’d like to congratulate Argentina for being such massive arsecandles”

Fair play to Belgium coach Marc Wilmots: the guy had a decent stab at trying the whole “losing gracefully” after his side were shunted out of the World Cup by Argentina this afternoon – he just came up a little short.

As Tweeted by Independent journalist Ian Herbert (@ianherbs) live from Brasilia, here is Wilmots’ attempt at congratulating the victors:

Well, err…no, not really.

Hey, at least you tried, Marc – that’s all anybody can ask.

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  1. Jim says:

    Belgian grapes have always been sour, particularly Walloon ones.

  2. Jarren says:

    He’s being incredibly sarcastic, yeah?

    I mean, Belgium deserved NOTHING from the game. Argentina are far from the perfect team at this world cup but Belgium played without any imagination for the best part of 85 minutes.

    There was only ever one team that I thought deserved to win (and this is coming from a guy who actually tipped Belgium to WIN the damn WC).

    Belgium fell far short of my pre-WC estimation. They played without flair and without solidarity. Nothing more than a bunch of highly paid superstars waiting to get back to their mansions to relax before the new season.

    There were some commendable performances (Kompany as usual, Vertonghen wasn’t bad) but what about Hazard, Januzaj, Fellaini etc?


    Argentina strolled this game, and Wilmots is deluded if he thinks Belgium deserved anything more than to be sent on a direct flight back to Brussels (oops sorry, meant to say London / Manchester / Madrid etc)…

  3. JuanosDios says:

    There is a lot to like about this young Belgian team, but the two gentlemen in the pic above are not. Vertonghen seemed to quit on Spurs when the going got rough, presumably to rest for the World Cup, and he’s consistently the biggest, strongest guy on the pitch yet moans like a disgruntled teenager all match.

    Wilmots has been saying stupid, disrespectful things since the start. He made a few good substitutions early on, but could never decide on his best team, and was never able to get an extremely talented squad to play with any fluency.

    Tough to go to the WC with an inexperienced coach leading an inexperienced team and expect more than the immaturity we saw, but it cold yet serve them well in the next big tournaments.

    Also, Courtois is world class, I really hope Mourinho doesn’t screw him over next year.

  4. Tom the Bees fan says:

    Argentina the perfect team? i beg to differ there tactic of just pass it to messi is ridiculous. if a good enough team mark him out of the game they will come unstuck.
    that said belgium were uninspiring and i would agree konmpany was there main performer.
    januzaj is overrated or earlyrated anyway. hes had one descent season for united and every one acts like hes the next ronaldo. bit like England over townsend.

  5. Jarren says:

    Good points Tom, but if you’re referencing my comment I actually said that Argentina are “far from the perfect team”.

    Really looking forward to seeing how they shape up against a starving Dutch side.

    I quite fancy the Netherlands to edge the semi, but whoever they get in the final will probably go on to win it.

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