British Heavyweight Boxer Tyson Fury Accidentally Challenges England Women’s International Lucy Bronze To Fight

Chris Wright

22nd, July 2014


By Chris Wright

This man is Tyson Fury. He is a 6’9″, 19-stone heavyweight boxer who repeatedly punches people in the face for a living…


This is Lucy Bronze. She is a 5’5″, 9-and-a-bit-stone female footballer who currently plays right-back for England and Liverpool Ladies and, to the best of our knowledge at least, has never punched anybody in the face…


Still, it would appear that Mr Fury would dearly love to pummel the ever-lovin’ bejesus out of Ms Bronze – especially is his recent boorish Twitter challenge is anything to go by…


You see, angry at having fellow boxer Dereck Chisora pull out of an upcoming fight due to injury, Fury set about challenging undefeated American pugilist Deontay Wilder to step in.

Unfortunately however, Fury’s fingers were far too flabby and sausage-like and instead of punching Wilder’s @BronzeBomber Twitter handle into his phone, he inadvertently called out @LucyBronze instead!

Thankfully, she sensed that a mistake may have been made and backed out of Fury’s challenge with good grace…


Fury eventually did realise his error, Tweeting a sort of half-apology to Bronze…


Whoopsie daisy. Buggered that one up, didn’t you Tyson?