Germany Successfully Pull Off ‘Fake Fumble’ Freekick That Famously Went Belly Up At The World Cup

Chris Wright

14th, January 2015


By Chris Wright

The original, and worst

Aired as part of the ‘Die Mannshaft’ film that aired in Germany this week, viewers were treated to a clip of footage of the Germany national side recreating the needlessly convoluted set-piece they so famously made a complete dog’s dinner of against Algeria at the World Cup over the summer.

This time they got it right, but only just.

Still, Thomas Muller runs away celebrating like he’s just won a solid gold speedboat…

The fact that it doesn’t even really work in training should be the sign that it’s time to knock this one on the head, fellas.

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  1. dude says:

    …you do realize the training was BEFORE the game vs algeria?

  2. Philman says:

    not only that this footage was taken in Italy, prior to the world cup… but do you realize that it almsot worked against algeria?
    just shlightly higher and mueller would have gone through.

    it’s pure awesomness… only this funny mueller guy can come up with.
    hope they will do something similar some day =)

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