£350m Down The Toilet: Brazil’s Most Expensive World Cup Stadium Currently Being Used As Bus Depot

Chris Wright

9th, March 2015


By Chris Wright

In a revelation that shouldn’t come as a shock to anybody, it’s been revealed that the 2014 World Cup’s most expensive stadium, the Estadio Mane Garrincha in Brasilia, is currently being used as a bus depot.

According to official estimates, the 72,000-seater stadium cost approximately £350million to build, making it the second most expensive football stadium of all time (behind Wembley).

However, since hosting the third place play-off between Holland and Brazil in July last year, the Garrincha stadium hasn’t come anywhere close to being filled to capacity.

There is no top-flight football club in Brazil’s capital city and the local sides using it have been managing average attendances of around 10,000 – meaning the stadium was and is running at a massive loss month-to-month.

Indeed, the stadium has only been used to stage two games in 2015 so far (two friendlies) and as such is currently being used as a makeshift bus maintenance depot in a bid to make a few extra quid on the side…

The tax-exempt FIFA circus rolls out of town and leaves a graveyard full of enormous shiny white elephant carcasses behind in its wake.

Who could’ve possibly seen that one coming?