Oyston Charm Offensive Continues As Blackpool Owners Remove Statue Of Club Legend Stan Mortensen From Outside Bloomfield Road

Chris Wright

29th, April 2015


By Chris Wright

Set against a backdrop of a whimpering relegation from the Championship and with multiple law suits against their own fans still pending as well as continued bitter protests against their ownership, it looks like the Oyston family’s charm offensive at Blackpool shows no sign of abating at any point in the near future.

Their latest (alleged) charade? Removing a statue of club legend Stan Mortensen from outside Bloomfield Road – a statue that was bought and paid for by Blackpool fans and has sat outside the club’s ground since 2005.

As per the Blackpool Gazzette‘s report, as of Tuesday morning only the base plinth remained, with Mortensen’s statue removed in “mysterious” circumstances…


Indeed, it’s being rumoured this morning that the statue was removed at the behest of the Oyston family.

This coming weekend, the Mortensen statue was set to be used as the focal point of a planned fans’ protest – which may or may not (or may) have something to do with it’s mysterious disappearance.

Steve Smith, spokesperson for the Tangerine Knights supporters’ group said:

“We met with the police on Monday and were told we couldn’t hold any form of demonstration on club land, including the area around the statue.

“We were told if we planned to lay any memorabilia around the statue there was a possibility Karl Oyston would take out a civil trespassing injunction before Saturday.

“That would in theory allow him to pick out named individuals who go near the statue through the civil courts.

“We feel the removal of the Mortensen statue is all too coincidental.

“I’m sure Blackpool fans will be making their own minds up until there is an official explanation from the club.”

For the record, so far Blackpool FC have been unable to comment on the matter.

How depressingly petty this is all getting.

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  1. Reason says:

    Why dont the fans stop going to the games? How long could the owners sustain playing to an empty stadium?

    I feel truly sorry for the Blackpool fans.

  2. Ali says:

    That was what I was going to say, just dont go to the matches. Best form of protest

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