Euro 2016 Fail: Italy’s Antonio Candreva Dives To Embarrassing Depths Against Malta (Video)

Alan Duffy

4th, September 2015


A vastly-underrated player in our book, Lazio’s flying winger Antonio Candreva is a bona fide expert at tormenting full-backs. However, apparently he’s also a bit of an aficionado of the theatrical dive, as he ably demonstrated on Thursday night during Italy’s 1-0 Euro 2016 win against Malta.


Powering into the box, the 28-year-old throws himself to the floor without the merest hint of contact from the nearest Maltese defender. While Candreva’s attempts to initiate contact with his opponent while already flying through the air makes it look all the more pathetic.

Thankfully he was booked for his cheating, although I’m not sure why the ref looks so bloody happy. Appalling stuff…

Surely it’s time to have retrospective bans for blatant diving?

(Video: Gol كرة القدم)

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  1. SpiroGraffiti says:

    He had to dive against Malta? Win at all costs, even against the minnows eh? There should be a brown card for turd-curls like this.

  2. Jarren says:


  3. Derek says:

    Fucking I-talians! They’ve long been the masters of the untouched dive. I’m glad that officials are finally yellow-carding their embarrassing asses!

    Against Malta too. How desperate are you?

  4. Rob says:

    Derek, our very own boys (English in my case) are quite capable themselves, we can’t blame Italians or any other foreign country any more, England’s Ashley Young is a master at the starfish dive into a defender’s static leg.

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