Leicester City: Presenting The Worst Cash-Out In The Entire History Of Football Betting (Photo)

Chris Wright

27th, April 2016



It’s been estimated that, should Leicester City procure the three points they’re chasing to nab the Premier League title against Manchester United this coming weekend, the ensuing pay-out is going to cost bookies well over £10million.

Sadly, for several overly pessimistic Leicester fans, an entirely unlikely league title might still leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

Indeed, according to a story entitled “Worst Cash-Out In History” on the PA news wire, one Foxes fan was so unimpressed after his side’s first game of the season (a 4-2 win over Sunderland) that they wrote off the team’s championship credentials entirely and cashed-out on a 5,000-1 bet.

As a result, he recouped just 95p from a 50p stake…

However, just when you’re thinking it probably couldn’t get any worse, somebody then left the following image in the comments below the Tweet, appearing to detail an even more depressing story.

As per the screenshot, the fan in question obviously got cold feet after placing an identical bet and cashed out three days before the start of the 2015/16 season, thus returning a measly 45p on his 50p stake…


Photo: @tweetinghopkins/Twitter

Man, that’s got to sting.

Oh well, who needs an extra £2,500 lying around the place anyway?

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  1. Palace says:

    I put $1 down on Crystal Palace to win the league at the start. Should have cashed out right after betting it, or had the foresight to take them for FA Cup glory! They were doing well until Bolasie got injured, same with Arsenal and Cazorla, City with De Bruyne, Southampton with Forster. Congrats Leicester…consistency, desire, focus!

  2. maria says:

    Bookies may be paying out $10mil on Leicester, but how much have they raked in by not having to pay out on presumably thousands of bets on Man City, Chelsea etc?

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