FAIL: Former Arsenal And Liverpool Attacker Jermaine Pennant Gets In A Twitter Tangle Over Brexit

Alan Duffy

24th, June 2016


Currently lining out for Tampine Rovers in Singapore, winger Jermaine Pennant added to the sea of Brexit opinion on Twitter on Friday morning, albeit by pondering a rather misplaced question.

The 33-year-old got his geo-politics in a bit of a tangle by wondering how the UK’s vote to leave the EU would affect the next European Championships…


Not grasping the fact that a team doesn’t have to be in the EU to be in UEFA,Β the former Arsenal, Liverpool and Stoke attacker found himself on the end of much Twitter mockery after the Tweet and duly deleted it. However, Pennant then claimed (somewhat unconvincingly) that it was all a joke..

Of course England will still have to qualify for EURO 2020 (not 2018), so the Three Lions may not be there after all!

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  1. Jarren says:

    ” these 2018-2020 you all knew what meant world cup popped in my head absolute minor”


  2. Hasselhof says:

    Ughhh if only. Then we wouldn’t be beat over the head for 9 months prior to a tournament on how England is going to be winning it all with this ‘new’ golden generation. Only to watch them bore us to death in group, just squeeze through and lose in the first round. If only….

    • Laggy says:

      Bit far lad. we weren’t great, but we controlled every match in the group stage after 3 games of having a bus parked.

  3. Gazz says:

    Maybe he was talking about euro as in Eurovision.

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