UEFA Undermine Grand Launch Of Euro 2020 Logo By Posting Image On Their Own Website Beforehand (Photo)

Chris Wright

21st, September 2016



Photo: @UEFAEURO/Twitter

In their very own words, UEFA are crowing that the media have turned out in force for the grand launch of the new Euro 2020 logo in London today.

Sadly, any keen-eyed members of the press horde will have already been privy to UEFA’s latest tournament squiggle after the organisation went and published it on their very own website shortly before the big unveiling.

Indeed, UEFA even included it in their rolling photo-stream only for the image to be promptly deleted once they realised that they’d completely gazumped themselves..


Image: UEFA.org

So there it is – the UEFA Euro 2020 logo in all its glory. Remember where you were this day.

Given that it’s dull as ditch water, it hardly seems worthy of its own special launch event but hey ho, who are we to impinge on UEFA’s grand plan?

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  1. Jarren says:

    I wonder how much they paid a design team to come up with that?

    I could have made it on an afternoon lunch break, BEFORE eating.

    The epitome of faceless corporate bollocks.

  2. James Taylor says:

    That’s shocking! The faceless stick men! Those dated and impossible-to-reproduce gradients! This logo is the epitome of corporate, design-by-committee bullshit. It’s a shame too because the 2016 logo was actually quite nice.

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