Classic Commentary Clanger: Peter Drury Prematurely Roars THE NETHERLANDS Into 2014 World Cup Final (Video)

Chris Wright

11th, October 2016



With his premeditated prose and propensity for meretricious verbiage, Peter Drury is a commentator who tends to split opinion.

Some regard him as a footballing poet of sorts. Others think he’s just a bit of a simpering gas bag.


Drury: Poet or gas bag?

Regardless, Drury is responsible for one of Pies’ favourite commentary clangers of recent years, specifically the wonderful ricket he dropped while chuntering away over the 2014 World Cup semi-final between Argentina and the Netherlands.

The magical moment came during the penalty shoot-out, when Drury accidentally activated “contrived commentator goal roar” mode in the mistaken belief that Dirk Kuyt’s converted spot-kick had just booked Holland a place in the World Cup Final.

Alas, it quickly dawned on our Peter that he’d got his sums wrong and Kuyt’s penalty had merely made it 2-3 in the shoot-out – with Maxi Rodriguez’s subsequent penalty duly sending the Oranje lads home.

You may need to turn up your volume to fully appreciate the spectacle…

We must’ve have watched that video close to a hundred times on and off over the last two years. The confused look on Arjen Robben’s face is fortuitously fantastic.

Never gets old.

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  1. James Taylor says:

    The Dutch had already missed two penalties at this point… How Drury got this so backwards I will never know.

  2. Mad man says:

    Pies. Your ads are obstructive to me going on your site. Sort them out.

  3. James Taylor says:

    I installed an ad-blocker a long time ago. Fixed the problem on this and many other sites.

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