Sparta Prague Players To Train With Ladies’ Team After Making Sexist Remarks To Female Match Official

Chris Wright

5th, October 2016




Two Sparta Prague players are being made to train with the club’s ladies’ team after making sexist comments about a female match official.

Sparta goalkeeper Tomas Koubek took to social media to declare that “women belong at the stove” after Sunday’s 3-3 draw with Brno after lineswoman Lucie Ratajova missed an offside call in the build up to the away side’s stoppage-time equaliser.

Koubek’s teammate, injured midfielder Lukas Vacha, then followed up by emitting a tweet which simply referred to Ratajova as “the cooker”…


Photo: @Vason6/Twitter

It’s sparkling witty stuff, isn’t it?

It didn’t end there either, with Koubek also telling reporters after the game: “Women should not officiate men’s football.”

Refreshingly, Sparta were quick to condemn their players’ troglodyte behaviour, with chief executive Adam Kotalik calling both Koubek and Vacha out for their “unacceptable” conduct. The Czech football federation have also vowed to look into the comments.

Kotalik then added that the pair “will see for themselves that women can be handy not only at the stove” before confirming that they will spend the next week training with the Sparta women’s team.

After being publicly chastised, Koubek and Vacha both apologised, with the latter claiming that his “cooker” tweet was merely “directed to a specific error which affected the outcome of the game, not for any other women”.

Well, that’s okay then. We’d hate to think he was being an indiscriminate chauvinist.

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  1. Romario says:

    Agree that women don’t belong in the stove but I don’t see reason in putting women refereeing men (this sport is divided by gender, keep in mind).

    If it’s divided by gender it’s divided by gender. If you mix men and women in the same team then it makes sense to have men and women refereeing. But if you only have man then the referee should be a man.


  2. Sam says:

    Incidentally, and it’s not mentioned in the article, Ratajova was suspended for 4 games for missing two clearly offside goals. She doesn’t appear to be very good at her job.

  3. Danilo says:

    That makes literally no sense Romario. By your logic should we not have female teachers of boys classes? The ref isn’t playing the game, she is officiating it, hence no reason her ability to do that would not be sufficient. We have many male referees of female sports, makes sense to have the reverse.

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