Samir Nasri Had An Eventful Tuesday Night Over On His Official Twitter Account

Chris Wright

28th, December 2016


Samir Nasri endured an interesting old turn of events over on Twitter on Tuesday evening when somebody – see if you can guess who – managed to infiltrate his official account.

It all started when Los Angeles-based company called Drip Doctors posted a photo of Nasri after providing the Sevilla midfielder with one of their faddy intravenous vitamin treatments…


However, it didn’t take long for Nasri’s official account to reply with an explicit rundown of the optional extras allegedly on offer as part of the Drip Doctors service…


The diatribe continued as it quickly became apparent that it probably wasn’t Nasri himself who was manning his Twitter station.

Indeed, the Frenchman’s account went on to claim that Nasri had cheated on his ex-girlfriend Anara Atanes with a member of the Drip Doctors’ staff.




After discovering the breach, Nasri himself actually begun to delete the offending tweets, interjecting in mangled English  “Someone hacked my account and tried to spread rumors which is fake i am sorty for all the ppl involved in that i apologies [sic]” as other messages continued to appear and disappear.

Here’s the full transcript of the original flurry…

It continued, with Nasri’s fresh-faced avatar serving to give the whole thing an even more absurd slant…


After several bouts of furious pontificating, both Nasri and Drip Doctors confirmed that the former’s account had been hijacked by a thoroughly peeved third party…



And then everything fell silent, just as it was in the beforetime.

Here’s wishing Samir and his loved ones a very happy New Year.

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