Copy+Paste Fail: Gary Neville Falls Into The Victor Anichebe Trap With Hastily Deleted Instagram Gaffe

Chris Wright

21st, March 2017

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Gary Neville was left a little red-faced today when he pulled what’s known in the trade as “a Victor Anichebe” on social media.

Further destroying the facade that footballers actually express any original thoughts of their own online, Neville posted a message in support of the Bobby Moore Fund’s new ‘Moore To Know’ campaign.

Sadly, the Sky Sports pundit also forgot to delete the pre-amble forwarded to him by their PR reps before he copy+pasted it…


Image: @gneville2/Instagram

We know, we know. We’re sorry you had to find out this way too. It’s a heart-breaker.

Anyway, Neville was soon alerted to his ricket and just about managed to wryly laugh it off with his second attempt…

Yet another telling glimpse behind the curtain.

Shocking, isn’t it?

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1 Comment

  1. Jarren says:

    Pull the other one, Chris.

    Next you’ll be telling us Santa’s not real.

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