Oh, Canada: Quite Possibly The Worst Football Pundit Ever Attempts To Explain Why Lionel Messi Is A Big Fat ‘Fraud’ (Video)

Chris Wright

14th, March 2019


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We regret to inform you that Lionel Messi, the man you watched almost single-handedly decimate Lyon in the Champions League last night, is not nearly as good at football as you think he is. You are all mistaken. You are labouring under an illusion that the five-time Ballon d’Or winner is anywhere close to being at the top of his profession.

The man we must thank for shattering this omni-delusion is Sportsnet soccer analyst Sid Seixeiro – one half of ‘Tim & Sid’, whom we are reliably informed are “Canada’s most edu-taining sports duo”.

Alarm bells are ringing already.

Here’s Sid to tell us all why Messi is a “fraud”, specifically in relation to Cristiano Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane and “Fat Ronaldo” and all the other undisputed greats of the game…

In classic blowhard fashion, as Sid’s already massively flawed and uninformed opinion begins to lose steam, he simply compensates by getting louder and gesticulating with more gusto.

You can almost pinpoint the precise moment he begins to lose faith in his own once-unshakeable viewpoint but, having also realised that he’s already in too deep to back out, just boorishly insults Michael Carrick for absolutely no reason.

We can feel our brain cells dying, one by one.

Pies promise we will never complain about Danny Murphy ever again.

(Video via Ronan Murphy)

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  1. Mikhail Wierenga says:

    Don Cherry wannabe. We Canadians appreciate a good whinge.

  2. JP says:

    Oh, this tit? I like his fury about how hockey NEEDS players to assault one another. It’s the only way they can be safe, don’t ya know?

    Wayne Gretzky won all of his Stanley Cups with the Oilers dynasty, and was playing with Lemieux with Canada, the big fat fraud!

  3. Comfy Chair says:

    Well, when a country has an efficient healthcare system, it’s inevitable a few louts will otherwise escape the cull.

  4. jackie wilshere says:

    Sportsnet is owned by Roger’s Communications Inc. and I used to work in the same building as the Sportsnet studios. Always hated this guy, not just for cringy sports edu-tainment but he has a big fat fraudulent nature about him, gleefully lapping up the adulation from couch potatoes that get star struck coz they recognize his face from TV. Furthermore, as football’s global appeal and europe’s super clubs grow stronger, people like Sid (from nations where football is the NFL variety and real football is still under appreciated) consider the very pinnacle of football, the extreme elite level (barca- real madrid- bayern, messi- ronaldo- mbappe etc) the standard, and anything less is trash…

  5. Rob says:

    Messi will never win a Euro like his Spain team mates, fraud!
    Why do people watch these shows? So many of these idiots over here in North America

  6. Fnarf says:

    Sounds more American than Canadian, the ignorance is palpable

  7. John says:

    Actually, he has a point.

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