Celtic may just make Roy Keane their new manager

Ollie Irish

25th, March 2021

Roy Keane is odds-on to become Celtic’s new manager. It would certainly be a statement appointment. The statement being: this will end in tears.

Evan knows what’s up, I think ^.

Even on paper, appointing Keane to go head-to-head with Steven Gerrard, when Gerrard has already shown himself to be the far superior manager, is a bad idea.

You look at Celtic’s ragtag squad and loads of questions come to mind: Who is Keane going to work well with here? Who will he respect? Who will he make a better player? Who will he inspire?

I think we’ve already seen that Keane is not well-suited to management. He can’t deal with players who don’t have the same high standards as he once did, which means he can’t deal with 99.9% of players. Keane’s ideal squad clear-out would leave him in the dressing room on his own.

Still, I want it to happen. Sparks will fly. And if Keane knocks Gerrard off his perch, I will eat my hat and coat.

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