FAIL! BBC reporter faces sack for Madrid air disaster joke


26th, August 2008

Commentator discovers hard way that mass loss of life is not particularly funny
bradford madrid crash.jpg
A football commentator working for BBC Radio Manchester is facing the sack after comparing a League Two side’s defence to the Madrid air crash. Chris Price reported on Saturday that Rochdale “were making more holes in the Bradford defence than in a Spanish aircraft,” which – aside from being very unfunny and in bad taste – doesn’t really make much sense.
Price, eager to keep digging that hole, has since said: “I honestly thought I was being descriptive. It wasn’t meant to be funny; it was just a descriptive phrase. If people are offended by what I said, then of course I apologise but I never intended to offend anyone.” A descriptive phrase? DOUBLE FAIL!
The BBC has also issued an apology to listeners.

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