Dumb Football: Which goalkeeper was arrested for allegedly urinating in public?

Ollie Irish

29th, October 2009


The answer is… drum roll… Dean Gerken of Bristol City. No, I’d never heard of him either. This is what he looks like, complete with dubious salute (is he waving to Paolo Di Canio?):


Gerken was arrested in the early hours of last Sunday morning – Avon and Somerset Police said a 24-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure after he was allegedly spotted urinating, or as I like to call it, ‘pissing’.

He was released without charge but given a fixed penalty for the use of threatening words and behaviour.

The club said the player had been disciplined, and that the matter is now “closed”.

More proof that Britain is BROKEN (© The Sun), surely.

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  1. Jimmy Buffett says:

    Never heard of Dean Gerken? He’s got the two best songs ever: “Stayed in a burger… You should have stayed in a burger” and “Your dad’s a cucumber”

  2. Chringle says:

    He’s the guy that all the highly original commentators love to see “get in a pickle”.

  3. dave says:

    apparently it was in college green fountains in Bristol – a regular piss point for Bristol lads on a night out.

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