Race Issues: Paolo Di Canio Gets Lost On Two-Mile Fun Run, Completes Half Marathon By Mistake

Chris Wright

11th, October 2011


By Chris Wright

“This way?”

According to the Beeb, Swindon Town manager Paolo di Canio unwittingly completed the town’s half marathon after making an impromptu right turn on the two-mile fun run course he was supposed to be running.

43-year-old Di Canio was present to sound the horn to start Sunday’s 13.1-mile main race before completing the short course for charity, but managed to lose his bearings after half a mile and ended up finishing the half marathon in one hour and 49 minutes – only 36 minutes behind the race winner.

Di Canio told BBC Wiltshire:

“I couldn’t stop, there was a challenge. There were three options, I thought I should start with the fun run marathon but unfortunately we changed direction, kept going and followed the first group.

“Unfortunately I ended up doing a full half marathon plus 800 metres. At the end I was very happy because I finished without stopping, even for one second. I wasn’t ready but I never stopped running.

“I’m very happy, but it was very tough.”

Which isn’t the first time Di Canio’s had to explain himself after having a little ‘race issue’, now is it?

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  1. John says:

    You should have used his Nazi salute instead.

  2. Montesquieu says:

    Well now, Di Canio has said he’s not racist just fascist.

    Besides, the Robbins have a number of African and Black players which if Di Canio was a racist he’d probably off-load somewhere else. Which, he hasn’t.

  3. Patrick says:

    Oh yea, fascists aren’t racists at all. Sure. Nice one with the “race issue.” That’s where my mind first went when I saw “race issue” and “di Canio” in the title. Ha!

  4. Peadar says:

    It was a fascist salute ie mussolini not nazi

  5. Montesquieu says:

    Fascism and Racism are not inherently tied together, although they compliment each other well. Yes, fascism as a extremist authoritarian system relies on the idea of national superiority and ridding itself of national ‘enemies’ however, national enemies are numerous and vague as well as the obvious and easily seen at least in the eyes of a fascist state.

    Many countries which have toyed with fascism, have not necessarily fit into the dogma of extremist racism bordering on ethnic cleansing and genocide. The perfect example of that can be seen in Latin America, while the different fascistic junta regimes oppressed different groups of people, they did not in particular oppress one group over another for said ethnic or national membership, but mostly for political reasons. Italy, for the most part did not take Nazi Germany’s example of oppressing Jews, Gypsies and people of the nations they occupied, Sure, the Italians used mustard gas against the Ethiopians, and were not without crimes committed; however, they did not exclusively use other ethnic groups as a target of oppression.

    However, are all fascists racists? No, it would be hard to plead such a case. On the other hand, fascism draws its roots from nationalism, and ethnic, cultural hegemony which spurns and fosters racist views. Is it possible for a country to be fascistic without resorting to racist oppression, it is; of course it does help if the population is hegemonic.

    Besides, I’m not excusing Di Canio, I’m merely repeating what he has said in the past and trying to potentially give a possibility to his views. Is to be abhorred and boycotted, that’s for others to side. I neither care for Di Canio nor hate him; he’s insignificant, much like those who do resort to violence against people of colour and ethnic diversity.

  6. jm87 says:

    I hate Montesquieu and his generally annoying and long winded comments.

  7. Petty Pete says:

    Montesquieu, if you will insist on spunking paragraphs of drivel over every article on this site in some pathetic attempt to demonstrate your intelligence, could you at least learn how to use grammar correctly?
    Allow me to make some suggestions:
    – “Is it possible for a country to be fascistic without resorting to racist oppression” is a question and should be concluded with a “?” symbol;
    – “Is it to be abhorred and boycotted” is a question and should be concluded with a “?” symbol;
    – When writing formally (as you are clearly attempting to do here), abbreviations should be avoided. You should use “I am” rather than “I’m” and “he is” rather than “he’s”;
    – It is for others “to decide” rather than “to side”;
    – people are not capable of being “of…ethnic diversity”. Perhaps you meant that they are of a different ethnicity?

    Perhaps you should just avoid making these ridiculous comments at all? It would certainly save us all having to make the effort to scroll through whichever parts of Wikipedia you have decided to copy and paste on any particular day.

  8. Montesquieu says:

    Good retort. It’s an obvious sign you have nothing to say on the subject as you pick on my grammar and syntax.

    To retort to your intelligence, go fuck off you cunting wanker.

  9. […] his relatively brief tenure as Swindon Town manager, Paolo Di Canio has found the time to complete a half-marathon by mistake, deck one of his players with an accidental touchline WWF-style spinebuster, openly mock Aston […]

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