Is this the most offensive footballer in the world?

Ollie Irish

5th, November 2009



Meet Arek Onyszko, he of the shaved head and glassy psycho stare.

Onyszko is probably the most offensive footballer I’ve ever come across, which is quite a feat.

The Pole has just been sacked by his club, FC Midtjylland of Denmark, after releasing a book titled ‘Fucking Polak’. Catchy.

In this book, the charming Onyszko reveals his views on homosexuals:

“I hate gays, I really do. I think it’s fucking disgusting to hear them talk to each other as if they are girls. I can’t be in the same room as someone who’s gay. Look at them kissing each other – it’s sickening.”

What a despicable human being… But wait, there’s more!

Just a few months before he was hired by Midtjylland, Onyszko was sacked by Odense after being found guilty of beating his wife, a crime for which he spent three months in prison. Then Midtjylland gave him a second chance, and he repaid them by penning a book filled with homophobic hate. Forget Marlon King for a minute – here is a man who clearly doesn’t deserve any kind of shot at rehabilitation. He’s beyond that and hopefully will be shunned by any club he crawls to.

[Source: SbB]

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  1. Philando Torres says:

    Must be something about ‘keepers. Andy Goram’s horrible cunt n’all.

  2. Viktor says:

    He can hate gay people, as long as he doesn’t slaughter them … It’s much harmless than wife-beating, he shouldn’t be sacked for that.
    Gazza is a wife beater and you english people adore him. But now you’re saying that Arek is the worst person in the world ? you’re so smug, it’s disgusting

  3. Joe says:

    I dunno, Keepers are often decent guys. Mark Schwarzer writes children’s books, I met VDS and he’s a stand-up dude, Reina seems mental in a nice way and Shay Given stayed on a sinking ship until (almost) the very end.

  4. Ollie says:

    Viktor, pipe down. (I’m guessing you’re Polish)

  5. that was rather amusing says:

    rugby league players call this ‘blowing off some steam’. as we know, rugby league players are the worst people in the world, not goalkeepers.

  6. Ha, good ole Arek.
    I remember him fondly from his days in Viborg where he was quite good. We used to joke that the Danish he knew was “LEFT!”, “RIGHT!” and “WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM?”, but I guess he may have known some other ones too…
    I saw an interview he did for Danish television about the new book… he didn’t come across all that well despite his best efforts to seem likable.

  7. Mariusz says:

    What a biased post. The book is not only about hating gays, but also about many other debatable subjects that others won’t touch in fear of being ostracized. It takes some balls to discuss some subjects in public. It takes even bigger balls to, by doing so, become a target for all sorts of quasi-hippies, whose brains were replaced by a single, collective one.

  8. Zedie says:

    Whats his next stab at literary success going to be?

    “Hitler was’nt such a bad guy”

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