The Pies 10: Best Premier League goalkeeper

Ollie Irish

16th, November 2009




Earlier today, we announced The Pies 10, a series of awards celebrating the last decade in the Premier League.

We have 10 categories for you to vote on, starting today with Best Goalkeeper. To clarify – we want you to vote for the best Premier League keeper of the last decade.

The only criterion we have (which goes for all of these awards): the player must have played in the Prem for at least half of the last decade (i.e. five seasons or more). So, the likes of David Seaman and Peter Schmeichel are ineligible.

Here is a gallery of 10 nominees (in alphabetical order). After you’ve checked it out, you can vote at the bottom of this post:


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Before you click, please note – you can only vote ONCE, and voting results will be hidden until the results are revealed in a couple of weeks’ time. The poll closes on 30th November.

So, you’ve seen the nominees, now make your choice:

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  1. Paul says:

    Shay Given

  2. Hirsty says:

    I’d go with Cech or Given.

  3. Mark says:

    Given for me too

  4. Ollie says:

    Phew – no comments so far, saying “How the hell could you leave out______???!”

    Given is a good shout, obviously. I voted for him too.

  5. Lil' Bono says:

    I voted for Given, but the real best keeper is Fabien BARTHEZ (why this stupid 5-year rule ?)

  6. Lil' Bono says:

    How the hell could you leave out BARTHEZ ???!

  7. Ollie says:

    @ Lil’ Bono: Are YOU Fabien Barthez by any chance?

    The point of the 10 awards is that it’s about a body of work in the last decade. That’s why it’s the best goalkeeper OF the last decade, not IN the last decade.

  8. David Allison says:

    Shay Given, hands down. I’d be very suprised (and a little but upset, too, being a Toon fan!) if he didn’t win. Ridiculously consistent and has been the best goalkeeper in the Prem for some time.

  9. David Allison says:


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  11. Lil' Bono says:

    No, I am not “le Divin Chauve”, but I’d like to be such a great keeper.
    He may not have played enough in the last decade, but he was incredible in 2000-2001, making great saves and going all over the pitch with the ball at his feet !
    I admit he had a few setbacks after that, and I can understand that Sir Alex ended up ditching him because of his risky style of play, but he is still the best keeper for me.
    I’ll be back with some youtube links to support the point I’m making

  12. mizman says:

    Schmeichel. oh wait he cant win because he doesnt play when we want him to…

  13. Simon says:

    If Petr Cech wins this it will be a joke. That guy has been shit ever since Stephen C.. sorry Hunt kicked his head in.

  14. Philando Torres says:

    With my biased head on, it’ll have to be Reina. His only weakness was dealing with crossed balls which he has improved greatly.

    However, Shay Given gets the nod. It’s a shame he’ll be dogged by the age-old question ‘what if he’d played for a top side?’

  15. Lil' Bono says:

    Here we go, it’s just a glimpse of Bart’s feats:

    He was so spectacular on the goal line and skilled with his head and feet !

    a bonus for England fans:

  16. chris says:

    when cudicini was in his prime he was better than alot of these guys.

    i voted cech

  17. captainramrod says:

    Your right simon cech has lost a bit af sharpness and is a bit of a vampier ( scared of crosses) but so would if you had a metal plate in your head YOU STUPID CUNT!he is no 1 with out a dout! who else old man der sarr or shay ive never won anything Given if Schmeichel was in the list he would nail it.

  18. greta says:

    given or reina. anyone else is just blatantly wrong/biased.

  19. Simon says:

    Hahahaha! Thanks for making me laugh, um, captainramrod. By the way let me introduce you to this character: . It’s called the full stop and is incredibly useful when you’re writing sentences.

    I voted for Jaaskelainen because without him Bolton would have been relegated long ago. And this is actually a debate where “but what if he’d played for a better side?” is a completely ridiculous thing to say, as goalies tend to actually look better when they play for worse sides because they have more saves to make – the more action a goalie has the better they play. How many times have goalies of top teams been called into action for the first time in the 60th minute only to screw it up?

    Cech has a metal plate in his head, so is vampier (whatever the fuck that means) so is a less able goalkeeper. So I’m not quite sure what your point is about him… maybe you should go back to your night job as a rent boy on Fulham Road.

  20. Fredmeister says:


    Didnt he go something like a million games without missing one? For me he *just* edges Given for authority, but only because good defenders become suspiciously crap when he plays behind them.

  21. Fredmeister says:

    That last comment is about Given btw, not Lord Friedel.

  22. given is probably the best,reina has won the golden gloves award for the past three seasons,but i think given might have with a better defence

  23. captainramrod says:

    Thank you for the patronizing punctuation lesson simon and my new job role, you realy are a propa dick who still lives with his mum and suckels milk from her tiny boosom.

    I was stateing the fact that when hunt smashed in to cech(an injury that resulted in a plate in his head)hence the scrum cap, He lost a bit of confidence especially on crosses.he is still the top keeper in the world.

    ok that sorted just enough time for you and your dad to jump in to a nice hot bath and play spot the submarine. ta ta ……….

  24. eamogomez says:


  25. that was rather amusing says:

    Reina will be next decade’s keeper.

    this decade it must be jaaskelainen.

  26. Simon says:

    No, he’s not the top keeper in the world BECAUSE he doesn’t have the confidence anymore.

    Confidence is for me the most important attribute for a keeper. If Peter Schmeichel tells you to mark a man, you do it fearing your life – if Ben Foster does, to be honest, who gives a flying fuck?

    I will ignore your insults and instead pursue logical arguments as it is apparent to me that logic is a foreign concept to someone who utilizes the moniker “captainramrod” and cannot even spell their attempted insults.

    Oh, and top keepers in the world don’t knock their own country out of international tournaments with huge mistakes (see Euro 2008 quarter final vs. Turkey)

  27. Aidan says:

    while given has been brilliant since he came to city it is difficult to really know how good he could have been had he not had newcastles shit defence in front of him for so long
    While as an Aussie i would love to vote for Schwarzer, its unfortunate that he has never played as well for his club team as for his country, if he did he would be no.1 no competition
    i voted for van der sar because i have never seen him play a match where he wasnt brilliant and i think as much as his great defence in front of him he is majorly a cause for his European record for minutes without conceding

  28. Anonymous says:

    Reina is a joke and so is Barthez!!! Robinson should not even be in the list!!! (I vote him for the best blooper of the Century) As a long-time fantasy player, my vote is for VDS :)

  29. NYY022 says:

    Reina is a joke and so is Barthez!!! Robinson should not even be in the list!!! (I vote him for the best blooper of the Century) As a long-time fantasy player, my vote is for VDS :)

  30. syndex says:

    Jussi Jaaskelainen
    great goalkeeper, rarely makes a mistake and is pretty much a lock for bolton’s player of the seaon every year. I begs the question why united never bought him as cover for the worlds tallest geography teacher.

  31. captainramrod says:

    ok simon every kepper makes big game mistakes like cech in euros that was a clanger of the highest order,but you voted for the leaky goalkeppeer jussi Jasskelainen have you seen any of Boltons 4 and 5 nills this year.I dont care what you say aboyt cheh works with a better defence if jussi was that good a so called big team would have put an offer bolton could not refuse on the table and he would have played some champs league and we could have looked how good he realy is.

    oh no insults havent I grown up x

  32. captainramrod says:

    p.s about not aboyt

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  35. hollis says:

    Voted van der Sar. He’s been in or near the top 5 list for the majority of his career. What more do you want from a keeper than consistent excellence?

  36. john says:

    Shay Given by a country mile! Cant remember any bad mistake he made. Why was Sorenson not on list!

  37. W Cary says:

    It Should be Mark Schwarzer. As a Man United supporter he is the only goal keeper i see that is so consistant. Rarely makes an error and puts himself in the right position every time. Since his tranfer from Middlesbourogh he has been nothing more than a superstar. Also performs on the world cup stage as he was voted Best Goalkeeper in the 2008 World Cup.

    As for our goalie for the 2010 world cup. After Greens **** up for west ham last week, i guess it will be James. God help us!

    Barthez is a joke as any Man U supporter would say go you tube his mistakes!!!

  38. Kolo says:

    No votes for Edwin?

  39. PR články says:

    PR články…

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  40. Anonymous says:

    Szczesny iz the best nd i dont know why wenger has to change him!

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