Football Fan Attempts To Make The Fallon d’Floor Awards (For Diving And Theatrics) A Reality

Chris Wright

9th, December 2014


By Chris Wright


Much as the FIFA Ballon d’Or awards sustained footballing excellence, a football fan over on Reddit has devised a similar award to honour (in the loosest sense possible) the biggest, most flagrantly egregious display of play-acting each calendar year.

Positioned as football’s answer to The Razzies, the award would be an attempt to shame the game’s biggest cheats by drawing widespread ironic attention to their low-down antics.

Devised by a Redditor known simply as Shahyar, here’s the skinny…


Now this is something Pies could really get behind, though we fear we may have already seen 2014’s winner: Adryan, take a bow…

As for Neymar, they’d just have to give him a Lifetime Fellowship straight out of the traps.

Just tell us, are we alone in thinking this is a genuinely good idea?

If funding’s an issue, the the whole thing could be sponsored by this guy…


(Via shahyar/Reddit)/Many thanks to Pies fan Mark Bewley for the tip-off)

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  1. Di Versitty says:

    It’s a bloody great idea. Ideally, I’d like to think that this would actually make a difference in the game. Sadly, it would appear that money > shame.

    But the more I think about it, the more the need of the public to take their game back with efforts like these. Why stop here? Let’s abolish/ignore FIFA, the FA etc. Let’s re-organise our football world again, bit by bit… without these corrupting forces.

    Only the truly ignorant can be forgiven for thinking that modern football is played out on a level playing field (sorry Barnet!). I for one am sick of pretending that its a “competitive” sport.

    Let’s take our game back.

  2. Moxey says:

    Sorry to hijack this particular article but I have to mention that recently this site has been rendered almost unvisitable by the adverts. I’m fully aware that they are a necessity to keep everything running but the little bastards are popping up everywhere and just when you close one down, another appears to take its place.

  3. porcelain sandwich says:

    Fallon d’Floor is such a fantastic name, I’m 100% behind this.

    and Moxey, get Ad Blocker.

  4. Moxey says:

    I wish it were as simple as getting an adblocker. But finding one that actually runs on a tablet without causing things to slow down or crash is hard to find. And count me on board with thinking these awards are great.

  5. otto says:

    Finaly an award that won’t be monopolized by Messi & Ronaldo !
    Oh wait…

  6. chuey luis says:


  7. Jarren says:

    Awesome idea. Get this shit viral, put the videos on Youtube, spread them on Facebook & Twitter, let EVERYONE know about them.

    Let’s see how many “footballers” like being showed in this light to a mass audience.

    Together we can form a future where diving is a part of history that our kids look back on with curious shame.

  8. Bob says:

    On board!!

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