Ridgeway Walk 2016: Pies Are Doing A Charity Hike To Raise Funds For The Air Ambulance Service


Dearest Pies fans, a moment of your time please.

In a change from our regularly scheduled footballing irreverence, I’d like if I may to alert you to the fact that during the last month of May 2016, I (Chris) will be undertaking a charity hike in the hope of raising funds for the Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance.

Myself, my brother and my Dad will be walking the entire Ridgeway trail (Britain’s oldest road) across Wiltshire. The whole thing is close to 100 miles long and we’re hoping to get it done in six days, between 21-27 May.

We’re hoping to use the occasion to raise some much-needed money for the air ambulance service, specifically as they pretty much saved Dad’s life when he suffered a large heart attack while out walking in the middle of deepest, darkest Derbyshire a couple of summers back.

Anyway, we’ve decided to use the occasion to help raise a bit of money for the Derbyshire Air Ambulance, who pretty much saved Dad’s life after he was poleaxed by a large heart attack in the middle of nowhere while out walking a couple of years back.

Thankfully, after being air-lifted to hospital and undergoing emergency surgery, it didn’t take too long until he was back and fighting fit. In fact, despite being 62, he’s a seasoned walk machine and probably/definitely the fittest member of the Ridgeway trek team.

Apparently taxis aren’t an option and there’s an age (and weight) limits to making your old man carry you when you get tired, so things could get interesting for the two junior members.

And so, in a humble attempt at paying a little bit back, we’ve decided to set up a Just Giving page in order to raise a few pennies into the bargain.

Please donate if you feel you can, though I appreciate we’re actually complete strangers to most of you.

Regardless, any and everything is greatly appreciated.



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  1. other dave says:

    You guys should up the ante and wear the infamous La Hoya Lorca broccoli kits for the entire trip.

  2. Big Mac says:

    Fair play guys – such a worthy cause.

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