FIFA Player Of The Year Award: Lionel Messi Snubbed As Cristiano Ronado, Mohamed Salah & Luka Modric Make Up 2018 Shortlist

Chris Wright

3rd, September 2018


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Lionel Messi has been omitted from the shortlist for the FIFA Men’s Player Award for the very first time since the award was introduced (…in 2016).

Instead, the 2018 award will be contested by Cristiano Ronaldo, Luka Modric and Mohamed Salah, with Messi’s ‘off year’ (a mere domestic double coupled with being both the top goalscorer and assist provider in the whole of Europe) ruling him out of the running.

Ronaldo is already favourite to take the trinket due to his Champions League heroics, though UEFA did upset the apple cart slightly last week by crowning Modric as their Player of the Year.

Obviously it stands to reason that both Modric and Salah are perfectly worthy of inclusion, but have we reached the point where Messi scoring 34 league goals and powering Barcelona to a 17-point league-winning gulf is not outstanding enough to top them both?

It’s like he is now being judged by ‘prime Messi’ standards rather than in relation to his mere mortal contemporaries, as he should be. Just seems a little incongruous that the best individual and team player in the world shouldn’t be included in the FIFA top three.

Oh well, we’re sure he’s not remotely phased. Ho hum.

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  1. Hotspur922 says:

    ” Just seems a little incongruous that the best individual and team player in the world shouldn’t be included in the FIFA top three.”

    that is opinion and rubbish in my book

    • Paul says:

      @Hotspur922: Jesus Christ… stick to something you know and bottle the league and cup competitions

    • JWrid says:

      Depends how you read it. “Best individual AND TEAM player”. Ronaldo is not a team player by any stretch of the imagination. Complaining when someone else “steals” a goal from him, celebrating by himself etc. Fantastic player yes. Brilliant skills and ability yes. But not a team player.

  2. It's me, Mario says:

    Modric has been underrated for years. Just because he doesn’t play in the final third as much and rack up goal and assist stats, that does not lessen the impact he has on games, and stats should not be looked at in higher regard to controlling the entire pace and proceedings of a game of football.

  3. Bruno says:

    Ronaldo must win this. Modric is fantastic but what sets Madrid apart from others to constantly win all these trophies is Ronaldo.

    Ronaldo first, Modric second. Salah? What did he win? I would put De Bruyne in place of Salah.

  4. HotSpur922 says:

    Paul, jesus christ mate, eat a fanny

  5. Nuno says:

    European and International competitions always weigh more than domestic. Modric went to the final of both UCL and WC, while Salah was the main reason Liverpool was in the final of UCL.
    And this move of Ronaldo to Serie A is showing how much of a joke is being a top scorer in La Liga with Madrid or Barcelona. Put Messi or Ronaldo in England or Italy and their goal tally is cut in half.

    • Bruno says:

      If it’s a joke why is Bale scoring just 15 goals per season at Real Madrid while he was scoring 30 goals per season at Tottenham? You’re talking about Ronaldo and Messi, not Chris Sutton and Darius Vassel. Ronaldo already showed to the Premier League what he can do, I don’t see any sense here. Plus, I think it’s much harder for Messi and Ronaldo to play against Sergio Ramos, Godin and Varane than Otamendi, Stones and Lindelof.

      I thought the “can they do it on a cold rainy night in Stoke” thing was dead and gone.

      • Nuno says:

        Now compare the defenders/teams in the bottom half of the table in Spain vs. England and tell me if that still stands up. I’m not comparing to “a cold rainy night in Stoke”, I’m stating the huge difference in Barcelona and Madrid budgets vs. the rest of the League. Even if Messi has quite a few goals against Real Madrid, it’s against these lower table teams that those 35-40 goals come from.
        Also, Bale scoring 30 goals per season? HA! He had one great season scoring 21 goals in the League in ’12-13: 3rd highest in the League (2nd best scorer at Tottenham? Defoe with “only” 11, so he was clearly the star). The year before? 9! And he has been scoring 15-20 at Real Madrid while being clearly 2nd choice behind Ronaldo, sometimes even Benzema getting more goals… and with less games than at Tottenham

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