Burger Rap: Accrington Stanley Owner Questioned By EFL After Mentioning He Treats Players To McDonald’s For Winning Matches

Chris Wright

3rd, April 2018

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Accrington Stanley owner Andy Holt has been summoned to appear before the English Football League’s grand high council after he admitted to sometimes treating his players to fast food after they win matches.

Holt revealed on social media that the EFL have “demanded an explanation” after catching wind that he gave the Accrington squad £200 to spend on “McDonald’s or the like”.

The EFL have stated that the fast food bonus breaches regulation 61.6, which states that “full details of all payments to or benefits paid in cash or in kind on behalf of players must be included in the standard contract”.

Basically, if Holt wishes to reward his players with Big Mac meals, he should have written it into their contracts.

A spokesperson for the EFL spake thus:

As a result of a communication made by Mr Holt in relation to the payment of additional monies, the EFL has written to Accrington Stanley and asked them for their observations.

The club has provided its response and the matter will be considered further in due course.

In a series of Tweets, Holt defended his actions, claiming he “reserves the right to buy anyone a burger” with his own money.

[It’s] only the same as paying for a pre-match meal. You have to wonder what these folk would do with their life if it wasn’t for my errors of judgement.

It’s my money, not the club’s. I spend it how I want, been known to give a free bar to our fans for 10 minutes too on the odd occasion.

I don’t for one minute think anything untoward in my actions. At least the EFL keep an eye on my twitter feed.

It perhaps should be noted that Holt is one of the more… ‘outspoken’ club owners in the lower 72, having previously accused the Premier League of “destroying football” with their greed and the Football League of being “mad-arses in need of backbone transplants”, among various other things.

No wonder they’re giving him as much grief as possible over this burger nonsense.

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